Nothing has Yet Another AirPods Competitor: The Ear (Stick)

nothing 1 Ear stick

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The marketing department of Nothing seems to be playing its best-ever marketing trick ever. It has just dropped the full reveal date of the brand’s upcoming audio product, the Ear (Stick). 

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Nothing Ear 1 Wireless Earbuds

Ultra light at 4.7g, Powerful 11.6mm speaker driver, Sound by Teenage Engineering, Active Noise Cancellation, Up to 34 hours of listening

In other words, Nothing has just announced an announcement regarding an announcement.

However, that is pretty much all you can learn about the new product. Nothing did not offer any details regarding the features, release date, or pricing of the new Ear (Stick)

Nothing Has Yet Another AirPods Competitor: The Ear (Stick)
Ear (1); Source: Nothing

All that the announcement is offering is a first glimpse of the case, which, to be honest, looks pretty similar to a lipstick casing. 

So, does that mean the new Ear (Stick) will be exclusive to female users? Well, the design of the case might simply be for better ergonomics

And it is not the only product in the TWS market with a charging case resembling a lipstick casing. In fact, one from Huawei even has ‘Lipstick’ in its name. Yes, it’s the Freebuds Lipstick TWS.

Nothing Has Yet Another AirPods Competitor: The Ear (Stick)
Ear (1); Source: Nothing

Nonetheless, there is no further information regarding the TWS. However, according to the brand, the new Ear (Stick) is the “most advanced audio product yet.” And it comes with “the next generation of Nothing sound technology.”

From those statements, one thing is sure the new Ear (Stick) will be an upgrade over the last flagship of Nothing. In that sense, the new TWS might not be a product that will only target female users.

Additionally, the new Ear (Stick) is apparently “half in-ear true wireless earbuds that balance supreme comfort with exceptional sound, made not to be felt when in use. 

Nothing Has Yet Another AirPods Competitor: The Ear (Stick)
Ear (1); Source: Nothing

They’re feather-light with an ergonomic design that’s molded to your ears. Delivered in a unique charging case, inspired by classic cosmetic silhouettes, and compactly formed to simply glide into pockets.”

So, what is half-in-ear TWS again? Apple AirPods, the non-pro versions, are half-in-ear buds. And you might already know this, but the non-pro AirPods versions do not have ANC features.

Does that mean the new Ear (Stick) will also not come with ANC? Actually, only time can prove whether the new TWS buds are actually half in-ear or not.

Nothing Has Yet Another AirPods Competitor: The Ear (Stick)
Ear (1); Source: Nothing

Also, even if they are half in-ear, Nothing could be implementing something that Sony did with their WF-L900 TWS. That TWS from Sony does not have an ANC, but the buds’ sound quality is mindblowing.

The same thing goes for Apple Airpods 3rd Gen. And if Nothing could pull off something like Sony and Apple, the new Ear (Stick) could be the new talk of the town.

Nothing Ear 1 Wireless Earbuds
Nothing Ear 1 Wireless Earbuds

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