OnePlus Nord Buds: Best Audio Experience Within a Budget!

OnePlus Nord Buds

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Starting with its first handset, OnePlus has improved its premium experience over time across many models. The OnePlus Nord Buds are the company’s lowest TWS earbuds, released on May 10 at a promotional price. 

These earphones come in two color options: Black Slate and White Marble, and they can be purchased through OnePlus’ official website’s open sale. 

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OnePlus Nord Buds
Image Credit: OnePlus

The OnePlus Nord Buds have a basic design that gives them a superior feel in our hands. Due to its lightweight, the charging case features a rectangular design with curved sides and can easily be carried around in our pockets. 

However, because the charging case’s smooth surface is prone to scratches, it’s best not to store it in a pouch containing keys, money, or even smartphones. The charging case also includes a magnetic top, which works well. 

The front of the casing also includes an LED light indicator that goes from red to green to white to signify charging or pairing.

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OnePlus Nord Buds
Image Credit: OnePlus

The OnePlus Nord Buds work with any Android handset and may be used the same way as any other Bluetooth accessory. On the other hand, these earphones only employ the OnePlus Fast Pair feature when connected to another OnePlus device. 

There was no connection lag with these TWS earphones, and they were ready to use in a flash. Download the OnePlus melody app if you have an Android phone that isn’t from OnePlus and wants to enjoy the rapid pair feature.

However, the app users cannot customize Nord Bud’s functionality and can only be paired over Bluetooth.

The OnePlus Nord Buds, on the other hand, is missing a vital feature: multi-device pairing. This capability is critical since remote workers frequently transfer between their phones and other devices. 

Fortunately, these earbuds have a unique pairing feature that allows users to attach one bud while leaving the other in the case.

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OnePlus Nord Buds
Image Credit: OnePlus

Each earbud has touch-sensitive controls that are responsive and make a tiny sound when tapped to confirm the command. The pre-programmed gestures were also incredibly useful and simple to remember.

A single tap will play/pause media, a double-tap will answer phone calls, and a triple tap will play/pause the next/previous music or awaken the voice assistant. The earphones didn’t miss a single command during our testing, and getting used to the movements is simple for first-time users.

The audio quality of the OnePlus Nord Buds is outstanding. These earbuds proved to deliver loud, and clear sound in various genres, from rock to R&B. 

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The 12.4mm drivers produce excellent bass at different volume levels. Surround sound was also available with Dolby Atmos capability, which was noticeable while streaming material.

Also Consider
OnePlus Buds

30 hours of powerful sound. Fully charged, the earphones can be listened to for up to 7 Hours. The case is a power bank, allowing up to 30 hours of listening time

The battery also appears to be extremely powerful, as the real-time performance matches the company’s claims. According to OnePlus, each bud will have seven-hour battery life, and the charging case will last 30 hours.

Considering the price, the earbuds are pretty comfortable to use and have a premium feel.

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