Night Light for Toilet? ‘Go’ without waking up.

By Mark | August 20, 2019

Need a night light for the toilet? You get up in the night for a tinkle. You have to turn the light on and then BOOM!…you’re …

Night Light for Toilet? ‘Go’ without waking up. Read More »

Tailwind Garage Door Opener Review & Unboxing

By Mark | February 8, 2019
Tailwind Garage Door Opener Review

I have a very robust home automation set up. One of the coolest things about home automation is taking any old garage door and bringing it […]

Best running watches with Music (phone-free music) – 2019

By Mark | February 8, 2019
Running watches with Phone Free Music - Girl wearing a sports watch

Looking for the best running watch with music and GPS? Maybe even a watch with Spotify? Me too. I’ve noticed increasingly the big movement towards being […]

Huawei Watch 2 Sport LTE Review – 2019

By Mark | February 6, 2019

When I started researching and wrote this Huawei Watch 2 Sport Review (4G), I knew it wasn’t a ‘new’ watch, but as there are still few […]

How to get surround sound audio from put.io (e.g 5.1 AC3)

By Mark | February 6, 2019

For some time I have enjoyed the convenience of put.io as a solid legal file sharing service. To cut a long story short, I have also […]

A Smart Home, the dream that one day home automation would be real. Your house would talk to you, the lights would turn on magically as you walk from room to room while it automatically played music you like. Your smart home would sense your arrival from work and set the thermostat temperature, turn on an outside light, disable your alarm and open your garage door.

Once the domain for Tony Stark and Bill Gates, home automation, and the ability to have a smart home, is now a reality, an affordable reality. I'll keep you up to date with smart home devices and other life technology.

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