Best Portable Laptop Stands – Ergonomics on the Go

By Mark | January 16, 2020

Whether your travelling, a student, working in a co-work space or hot-desking at work, these portable laptop stands will keep you ergonomic. For over 4 years …

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Westone UM Pro 20 Review

By Mark | February 16, 2019
Musician on stage with guitar Westone UM Pro 20 earphones

Westone UM Pro 20 review, don’t mind if we do. This post comes after a decent period of listening. We often have people asking us for […]

Chord Mojo Review

By Mark | February 16, 2019
Picture of Chord Mojo - Mojo Review

We need to start this review with a very simple statement, and with this statement, you could stop reading and just go buy the Chord Mojo here: […]

Westone W50 Review (The Dark Chocolate)

By Mark | February 15, 2019
Picture of musician - Westone W50 earphones

Probably worth noting the W50 was discontinued. A great model but was crowded by the Westone W40 and W60. The Westone W60 here is a great […]

How to use 1 set of speakers with 2 amplifiers

By Mark | February 12, 2019
Switching between speakers with one amp. Picture of Speakers

If you have 2 amps but only 1 set of speakers – here’s the solution. And you don’t need to build, wire or blow anything up! […]

A Smart Home, the dream that one day home automation would be real. Your house would talk to you, the lights would turn on magically as you walk from room to room while it automatically played music you like. Your smart home would sense your arrival from work and set the thermostat temperature, turn on an outside light, disable your alarm and open your garage door.

Once the domain for Tony Stark and Bill Gates, home automation, and the ability to have a smart home, is now a reality, an affordable reality. I'll keep you up to date with smart home devices and other life technology.

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