iOS 13 – Apple continues to play catch-up

By Mark | October 8, 2019

With the release of iOS 13 it seems clear that Apple needs something more exciting for customers. Apple has released iOS 13. It’s flagship feature being …

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z-wave range extender – the Aeotec Range Extender 6 Review

By Mark | September 16, 2019
Aeotec Z-Wave Range Extender 6 Review

Aeotec Range Extender 6 review – can it solve the issue of Smart Home devices failing to do what you tell them to? Short on time? […]

echo Auto Review – take a ride with Amazon’s Alexa

By Mark | September 11, 2019
Amazon echo Auto Review

Our Amazon echo auto review shows how Alexa has stepped out of the home and into your car. But does it work? And what do you […]

3 Best Banana Plugs for Speakers

By Mark | September 9, 2019
Best Banana Plugs for Speakers

3 best plugs and how to install and use Banana Plugs for your speakers and Home Theatre I’m time poor. Just give me the best ones?! […]

Ring Doorbell Deal – get a Free echo Dot

By Mark | September 3, 2019
Ring Doorbell 2 FREE Echo Dot

A free Echo Dot with Ring Doorbell 2 – our Amazon deal of the Week Amazon continues to discount and bundle its Ring products and Amazon […]

A Smart Home, the dream that one day home automation would be real. Your house would talk to you, the lights would turn on magically as you walk from room to room while it automatically played music you like. Your smart home would sense your arrival from work and set the thermostat temperature, turn on an outside light, disable your alarm and open your garage door.

Once the domain for Tony Stark and Bill Gates, home automation, and the ability to have a smart home, is now a reality, an affordable reality. I'll keep you up to date with smart home devices and other life technology.

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