Where to start with a Smart Home – a progressive buying guide.

By Mark | February 18, 2020

It’s not often I just write without reviewing some product or doing a video of an unboxing of a new gadget. Today I just wanted to …

Where to start with a Smart Home – a progressive buying guide. Read More »

Best Portable Laptop Stands – Ergonomics on the Go

By Mark | January 16, 2020
Portable Laptop Stands

Whether your travelling, a student, working in a co-work space or hot-desking at work, these portable laptop stands will keep you ergonomic. For over 4 years […]

Google Home is better, so why isn’t it winning?

By Mark | January 14, 2020
Google Home Speaker with iPhone and Google Nest Home App open

Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Cortana are all trying to win the right to be the fly on your wall. Google just does it better. There […]

Best Speaker Wire with Banana Plugs – Better sound, faster.

By Mark | January 13, 2020
Banana plug cable compatible speaker with front grill off

Why buy separate speaker wire and banana plugs when you can buy them pre-made? If you already have speaker wire then you might only be looking […]

Best Desktop Speaker Stands for your Desk

By Mark | December 30, 2019
Picture of desktop speakers and computer for best desktop speaker stands

The best desktop speaker stands for your studio monitors, computer speakers or bookshelf speakers. Whether you want to get a little elevation for your speakers, make […]

A Smart Home, the dream that one day home automation would be real. Your house would talk to you, the lights would turn on magically as you walk from room to room while it automatically played music you like. Your smart home would sense your arrival from work and set the thermostat temperature, turn on an outside light, disable your alarm and open your garage door.

Once the domain for Tony Stark and Bill Gates, home automation, and the ability to have a smart home, is now a reality, an affordable reality. I'll keep you up to date with smart home devices and other life technology.

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