Perlisten Audio S7i LR: World’s First THX Certified Dominus In-Wall Speakers

Perlisten Audio S7i LR

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Perlisten Audio has just announced the first THX-certified Dominus in-wall speakers – the Perlisten Audio S7i LR. These speakers are for the home theatre designers, and all the new models that have the certification will be available this autumn. 

Most importantly, the speakers utilize the same technologies that are making the brand gain a higher position in the HiFi speaker manufacturers list.

According to Dan Roemer, “Perlisten Audio is committed to the custom integration channel.” He further added, “The in-wall models are created to give installation professionals high performance for their largest projects from demonstrably improved in-wall speakers.” 

Perlisten Audio S7i LR
Source: Perlisten Audio

Nonetheless, the flagship model of the range is the S7i-LR. The flagship measures just under a meter in terms of length, and it is only 4 inches in terms of depth. It is a four-way system that comprises seven inches woofers. 

The system also comes with the patent-pending Directivity Pattern Control waveguided array of twin 28 mm midrange drivers and a 28 mm tweeter. 

By utilizing the passive “beamforming” technology, the proprietary waveguide is there to achieve a precise horizontal and vertical dispersion of the beryllium tweeter.

Perlisten Audio S7i LR
Source: Perlisten Audio

Furthermore, the beryllium tweeter has an expanded bandwidth o 40 kHz. It even pairs up with two midrange transducers. All three Directivity Pattern Control drivers sit in a dedicated rear absorption chamber. The chamber is there to lower the level of internal reflections.

In addition to that, the S-series cabinet of the Perlisten Audio S7i LR has a sealing of aluminum. It also features a bituminous layer for damping. 

That ensures a consistent frequency response and removes sound leakage issues or enclosure resonances from the equation for all installations.

But what’s the THX certification all about? Well, the THX Certified Dominus requires more than double the output levels of the THX Certified Ultra certification. 

Perlisten Audio S7i LR
Source: Perlisten Audio

For that reason, the dual midranges and the tweeter that is in the Directivity Pattern Control share the same high-power motor tech. They all utilize oversized neodymium motors, have shorting rings for low inductance, and have flux stabilization that offers low distortion. 

Furthermore, the in-wall speakers have a Ferrofluid for power handling. On that note, the Perlisten Audio S7i LR has four seven-inch woofers. 

Those recreate the dynamic that is required for huge transients. Even so, they remain totally under control. Dan Roemer has some words regartding the THX certification. 

According to him, “THX is an important partner for our company. We were the first to introduce a THX Certified Dominus product, and I’m proud that our team can present yet another first with our new S Series in-wall designs.”

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