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Philips Has Some Exciting Announcements with FS1 Wireless Speaker

Philips FS1 Wireless Speaker

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Philips seems to be going all out right before October, which is known as the tech month of the year! The brand announced a new soundbar range, including four soundbars featuring Dolby Atmos. 

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One of them is rated for 720 watts! However, the thing that had most of the most attention was the brand new wireless speaker. It goes by the name of Fidelio FS1. And it seems to have loads of features under its sleeves.

The feature that makes the FS1 stand out the most is the integrated Ambilight. Philips has baked eight little LEDs into the system. And these rear lights synchronize perfectly with a Philips. 

Philips FS1 Wireless Speaker
Source: Philips

However, the brand did not mention how the Ambilight will behave when you are using it on its own. But many assume that it will sync with the music, enabling you to create a different vibe in your room.

However, Ambilight is not the only thing that gets the speaker so much attention. The Philips FS1 is pretty compact in size

That will enable you to set it up easily with any setup. But do not let the size of the FS1 fool you. It features a three-way design and packs a 1-inch large tweeter.

Philips FS1 Wireless Speaker
Source: Philips FS1 Wireless Speaker

Furthermore, the FS1 comes with an angled 2.5-inched driver and a 3.5-inch woofer. The angled driver is top-mounted, which will enable it to fill the space with sound. 

Although it works perfectly on its own, you can pair it up with another Philips FS1. That will allow you to create a stereo wireless setup effortlessly.

But that is not all! You can use the Philips FS1 as a satellite for an AV system, where the upward-firing driver will handle all of the Dolby Atmos duties. 

Philips FS1 Wireless Speaker
Source: Philips

And when you connect a pair of the FS1 wireless speakers to one of the compatible Philips TVs, they will hand all the left-and-right channel duties. And in such a setup, the speaker of the TV will be utilized as a center channel.

Moreover, the FS1 utilizes DTS Play-Fi technology. That means you can combine it with other audio products that are from different brands. And, of course, the speakers from the brand, such as the FW1 subwoofer and FB1 soundbar, will be totally compatible with the FS1.

Philips FS1 Wireless Speaker
Source: Philips

So, what about the soundbars? The four-strong range has the 2.1 channel B7207, 600 watts B8507, 3.1 channel B7807, and finally, the 3.1.2 channel B8507. 

The power ratings of these models will fall in the 520 watts to 720 watts range. Each of them will come with a dedicated wireless subwoofer, and they will have built-in side-firing tweeters.

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