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Pioneer DJ’s new Bluetooth Speakers are Adding Versatility and Affordability

Pioneer DJ

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Pioneer DJ updated their list of speakers with the release of the DM-40D, DM-40D-BT, and DM-50D-BT—three new desktop speakers in their popular DM series.

Their DM series features 2-way bass reflex speakers that are widely popular for being versatile and able to perform equally well at home and DJing. 

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Pioneer DJ
Image Credit: Pioneer DJ

It is also good for producing music professionally, not to mention its affordable price compared to other brands. And now Pioneer DJ is providing even more to all music lovers with the new Bluetooth speakers.

The DM-40D and DM-40D-BT are the newest addition to the Pioneer DJ series and also being an upgrade to their well-loved DM-40 models, while the DM-50D-BT is the upgrade to the DM-50D, launched late in 2021. 

All three speakers are desktop monitor speakers arriving with a Class D amplifier with a DSP setting. It allows you to switch between DJing and Production mode to produce the best sound for every application automatically.

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Pioneer DJ
Image Credit: Pioneer DJ

Of the three models, the DM-40D and DM-40D-BT are more compact at 4-inch tall each, using 4-inch woofers and ¾-inch tweeters. 

The DM-40D-BT features Bluetooth functioning, so you get the option to skip the feature and save money with the DM-40D. Both of them have an RCA pin jack and stereo mini-jack input terminals, and 19 W / 4 Ohm outputs.

On the other hand, the DM-50D-BT stands a little taller at 5 inches and uses 5-inch woofers while using the same ¾-inch tweeters. 

It features three input terminals: a stereo mini-jack, an RCA pin jack, and a ¼ inches long TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) jack, which can be connected to your DJ mixers and controllers, soundcard, and laptop, according to Pioneer. 

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Pioneer DJ
Image Credit: Pioneer DJ

Compared to the DM-40D and DM-40D-BT, it has a higher power output of 25 W / 4 Ohm, providing a better bass performance than the other two.

The mini-jack and the volume dial are situated in front of the speakers for faster access to volume adjustment or switching to wired headphones. Moreover, supporting Bluetooth technology, the DM-40D-BT and DM-50D-BT can wirelessly connect to your smartphones, PC or MAC, and other devices to quickly access and play high-quality music, at any time. 

With the addition of DECO convex diffusers, these new speakers are said to deliver an equally-clear frequency in every direction for the ultimate 3D stereo sound experience. The curved front design of the Pioneer DJ speakers also helps in providing clearer audio by reducing resonance.

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Pioneer DJ
Image Credit: Pioneer DJ

You can purchase the DM-40D and DM-50D-BT speakers right now, but to get your hands on the DM-40D-BT needs waiting until June of 2022.

The upgraded DM-50D-BT will cost you around 229 Euros, whereas the DM-40D-BT costs 169 Euros and the DM-40D costs 149 Euros. All the three new additions arrive in a choice of two colors: Black and White.

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