Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805: All You Need for Ultimate PS5 Experience

Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805

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Are you a proud PS5 owner? Pioneer has some great news for you. The audio specialist has just announced a new flagship receiver. 

The Elite 11.2.4-channel AV receiver is called Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805 and it is the first flagship model to come from Pioneer ever since Premium Audio Company acquired the rights to its AV brand. But is the Elite VSX-LX805 a good pick as the best AV receiver of 2023? 

Well, it does not disappoint in any of the factors. It is packed with features. And the great part is that it is about to get much better. Yes, there is a firmware update scheduled for June.

Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805
Source: Pioneer

That specific firmware update of the Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805 will make the AV receiver gain Auro-3D processing.  So, with it in place, the Elite model will be fully ready to offer the best immersive audio experience.

However, Auro-3D processing is not everything that the AV receiver has going for. The Elite VSX-LX805 also comes with DTS:X, Dolby Atmos, and IMAX Enhanced.

There are a total of 11 class-AB amplifier channels. Each is rated for 150 watts of output, and you can use them to power up to three zones. Want to make future amplifier upgrades? 

Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805
Source: Pioneer

The Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805 will not let you down in that regard. It has 15 RCA preamp outputs and XLR stereo input and output connections.

Furthermore, the Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805 brings seven HDMI 2.1 inputs. Among them, three of them are HDMI outputs, and one comes with eARC. 

The 1-6 HDMI ports even have support for 8K pass-through. And most importantly, they can handle 4K 120Hz signals from Xbox Series X and PS5 gaming consoles.

Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805
Source: Pioneer

The AVR also has VRR, Quick Media Transport, and ALLIM support. You can switch between video output at different frame rates smoothly through these. 

For example, you can switch from 24 FPS to 60 FPS without noticing any glitches. Wondering what are the other connectivity options of Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805 is like? 

The AVR has Chromecast, DTS Play-Fi, AirPlay 2, and Bluetooth aptX HD to handle all your wireless streaming needs. Do you not want to rely on these? 

Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805
Source: Pioneer

You don’t have to, as the AVR has built-in support for Tidal and Spotify. Thanks to built-in support for these music streaming services, streaming music without cables will be hassle-free with the new AVR. 

And let’s not forget to mention you can control the Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805 with Pioneer’s control app too. One more exciting feature of the Pioneer Elite VSX-LX805 is the Dirac Live support.

With this advanced form of room correction processing, the AVR can perfectly optimize the sound of multi-channel speaker systems.

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