echo dot deal after Prime Day still on

It seems the echo dot and the Prime Day sales flood on amazon hardware products is lingering on for a while. Earlier this week they had a buy one echo dot and get one free which was very attractive.

The deal on the echo has changed a little today but as it’s still running it seems worth sharing.

Currently if you you buy 2 x echo dot and use the discount coupon: DOT2PK at check out you will get $20 off the deal. Considering the current price of the 3rd gen echo is $49.99 that’s almost as good as a BOGO deal. Net price will be around $59.98 or <$30 per unit.

Get the deal here:

We refer to the echo a lot in our smart home routines. We’ve covered it extensively in the Alexa Routines examples post we’ve done. It’s ever growing but in our opinion one of the best things to start with, for a smart home, is a smart assistant. And, once you get one you’ll probably want two or more for the rest of the house. One in the garage, one in the lounge, one in the kitchen. Probably start with one in the kitchen.

I started with one in the kitchen, then got one for the lounge and now I have one in the bedroom too. One more for the garage would be great and to be honest, the kids could probably make use of them in their bedrooms.

It’s odd that Amazon are doing this echo dot discount via a coupon code. Normally it’s automatically applied.

The basic features of the echo

  • Voice control smart devices
  • Play music from Spotify, amazon music, pandora and more
  • 3.5mm jack plug out which allows you to plug it in to a speaker/stereo system. This is something google home doesn’t offer
  • Can control compatible smart devices
  • ADT connectivity with Alexa Guard
  • Philips Hue – control lights
  • Read audible books to you

Get the deal here:

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