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Pro-Ject Debuts Two New Vinyl Devices: Debut Pro S Turntable and NRS Box S3

Pro-Ject Debuts Two New Vinyl Devices

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At the High-End Munich show held back in May 2022, Pro-Ject made a lot of announcements about its upcoming products. And it seems like the brand is slowly unveiling the products that were announced in the show. But instead of one, the brand debuted two different vinyl devices.

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Pro-Ject Debut PRO

The new Debut PRO features a one-piece carbon-aluminium sandwich tonearm. The carbon layer gives the tonearm a high degree of rigidity, while the inner aluminium tube takes over the damping of the tonearm. This makes the tonearm perfect to be upgraded with higher-end MC cartridges!

First, let’s take a look at the turntable, which is the Pro-Ject Debut Pro S. It has most of the advancements that the fans saw in the Debut Pro. 

However, it adds a little bit more features to make the turntable-based audio system work properly in scenarios where the change between the cartridges is necessary.

The Debut Pro S also comes with a pre-adjusted Pick-IT S2 C cartridge. It comes in a black finish, and it is based on the new 10 inches S-Shape tonearm. 

Pro-Ject Debuts Two New Vinyl Devices
Source: Pro-Ject Audio

That has an SME-Style headshell, which makes it perfectly fitting for easy cartridge changing tasks. This new 10 inches S-shape aluminum tonearm with adjustable SME and VTA headshell connector means that the Debut Pro S has a new chassis. That chassis is there to adjust the larger tonearm.

Furthermore, the chassis has a precision aluminum platter that comes with TPE damping, a TPE motor suspension system, a diamond-cut aluminum sub-platter, and a precision belt drive system. 

The Pro-Ject Debut Pro S also comes with height-adjustable metal feet. And all the RCA output connectors have gold plating on them.

Pro-Ject Debuts Two New Vinyl Devices
Source: Pro-Ject Audio

Additionally, the eight-layer hand-painted MDF chassis features a Satin Black finish. The turntable will also come with a premium semi-symmetrical Connect-IT E phono cable and also there will be a dust cover.

Moving on, the Pro-Ject Vinyl NRS Box S3 is the brand’s Vinyl Noise Reduction System. It claims to be a new affordable solution that will bring your old record collection back to life.

Pro-Ject Debuts Two New Vinyl Devices
Source: Pro-Ject Audio

How will it do that? Actually, it will remove the crackles and noise from the worn and older vinyl records.

Nonetheless, the Vinyl NRS Box S3 will connect between the amplifier and phono stage. It utilizes a digital signal algorithm that is at 24-bit / 96 kHz. 

The signal cleans up the sound performance and makes you hear noise-free sound. It features a galvanic bypass function, which you can completely remove from the signal chain while playing records in perfectly good condition.

Pro-Ject Debuts Two New Vinyl Devices
Source: Pro-Ject Audio

The Vinyl NRS Box S3 also features an adjustable De-Crackling function that reduces the audible clicks on vinyl playback. 

On the other hand, the VNRS noise reduction will lower the noise from the records. It will also take care of the turntable drive noise. Finally, it features a compact design and features aluminum housing.

Pro-Ject Debut PRO, Innovative and Iconic hi-fi Turntable with 8.6” one-Piece Carbon-Aluminium tonearm and pre-Adjusted Sumiko Rainier Cartridge, Satin Black
Pro-Ject Debut PRO

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