PSB Speakers, MQA, and Sonical to Release Next-Gen Headphones

PSB Speakers, MQA, and Sonical

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Best known for high-end speakers, PSB Speakers has just announced that it will partner with a start-up Sonical and audio specialist MQA. 

The new partnership is going to focus on redefining what the world knows about high-resolution audio headphones. That is, together, the companies will bring out next-gen headphones.

According to what early details suggest, the product will combine high-fidelity design and high-resolution wireless transmission with the CosmOS platform. 

PSB Speakers, MQA, and Sonical
M4U 8 MKII; Source: PSB Speakers

And the pair of headphones is planned to release by PSB Speakers by Q1 2024. Now, when it comes to the main highlights, the headphone will come with the Sonical ear computing platform. 

With it, the headphones will be able to offer plenty of software upgrades and will be compatible with a ton of apps. The upcoming PSB Speakers headphone will also feature the latest technology of MQA, the SCL6. 

With that advanced codec, the headphones aim to be highly adaptive and well fit for high-resolution audio streaming. Wondering what is all the fuss about CosmOS? 

PSB Speakers, MQA, and Sonical
M4U 8 MKII; Source: PSB Speakers

At its core, it is a Sonical operating system that relies on powerful low-wattage processing cores. And it basically brings computational power and highly advanced connectivity to the headphones.

You will find CosmOS in different mobile audio products. The platform is best known for offering a high level of versatility, which enables the product to keep tabs on rapidly changing consumer demands. 

And it does not fail to offer to make the audio products deliver an ultra-performance and great convenience to the users. The case will be the same for the new PSB Speakers headphone.

PSB Speakers, MQA, and Sonical
M4U 8 MKII; Source: PSB Speakers

Other than that, the next-gen PSB Speakers headphone is going to integrate the Ultra-wideband radio technology of Qorvo. This technology will enable the headphone to offer a higher data rate and extremely low latency.

And the headphone will even come with the UWB antenna of Antennaware. That antenna will directly address any issues associated with Body Blocking, which is pretty common among wearable wireless devices. 

Besides the CosmOS, the team behind Soncial is also developing a dedicated silicon chip. It is designed specifically for the hearables compatible with downloadable plugins.

PSB Speakers, MQA, and Sonical
M4U 8 MKII; Source: PSB Speakers

That capability will make the next-gen headphone of PSB Speakers to be available for app developers who will likely create advanced AI-based algorithms. 

The mission of Soncial is to empower hearable manufacturers and the individuals using the products. So, you can expect the new headphones to have support for a wide variety of apps.

According to the Founder and CEO of Sonical, Gary Spittle, “Given PSB Speakers’ long-time commitment to the science of audio and music listening, it’s a pleasure to be in this partnership which shows the world what CosmOS can do.”

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