Record Store Day Just Got Better, Thanks to the New Turntable From Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio

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The June Drop of the Record Store Day will see a fresh new batch of releases this coming Saturday. Although these new releases are more than enough to be excited about the day, it will get better for the audiophiles.

You can enjoy the limited-edition vinyl on a brand new turntable if you want to. That is, with the Cambridge Audio Alva ST. It is one of the most-awaited releases from the brand. 

And the wait was all worth it, especially for the fans of the Cambridge Audio. Basically, the Cambridge Audio Alva ST follows in the footsteps of the Alva TT and that was the world’s first aptX HD Bluetooth turntable, which launched in 2019.

Cambridge Audio
Source: Cambridge Audio

Although the Alva TT had a true successor, the TT V2,  the Alva ST aims to challenge the successor and beat it when it comes to cost to performance. And surprisingly, the Cambridge Audio Alva ST does that with flying colors!

Now, what does the Cambridge Audio Alva ST actually bring to the table? First of all, it comes with a belt-drive, which is much different than the drive design of the Alva TT V2. In comparison, the Cambridge Alva TT V2 comes with a direct-drive design.

Nonetheless, the Cambridge Audio ST also comes with an aluminum top plate and the thing that makes the top plate is that it is 1 mm thick. It also comes with an additional layer on top of the MDF. That additional layer is there to absorb the vibration from the top plate.

Cambridge Audio
Source: Cambridge Audio

What about the connectivity? You will find the same aptX HD features that were on the TT V2. Thanks to that, the Cambridge Audio ST will give you a smooth overall wireless experience

And if your receiving device, speakers or headphones, have the support for aptX HD, you will sign up to enjoy a high-quality music streaming experience.

Another similarity that you will find in the Cambridge Audio ST with the TT V2 is the switchable phono stage and tonearm. Along with that, you will find a detachable magnet cartridge on the Cambridge Audio ST. 

Cambridge Audio
Source: Cambridge Audio

It is from Audio Technica, and the model number for the cartridge is AT-VM95e. Now, if you have any idea about the detachable cartridges from Audio Technica, you probably already know how good their build is.

Overall, a lot of the audio enthusiasts were waiting for the Cambridge Audio Alva ST. And now, it seems like all the wait was indeed worth it!

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