Rega Saturn MK3: Twice the Functionality, Half the Clutter

Rega Saturn MK3

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CD players and DACs, both are essentials for audio enthusiasts. Getting separate and independent components to set a complete hi-fi system can surely take loads of space. That is where integrated components step in. But it is much more than just saving spaces. And the new release from Rega, Saturn MK3, can illustrate all of that perfectly.

Rega has put a reasonable amount of time and effort into the design, and it certainly shows. The Saturn MK3 comes boasting a sleek-looking housing. The casing perfectly blends with the rest of the lineup of Rega. However, the case is just the tip of the iceberg. It hides a lot of high-end components under the hood.

The Saturn MK3 flaunts a high-capacity power supply and a high stability master clock for the CD player. And a high-performance power supply architecture is paired with a high-performance PLL digital receiver for the DAC.

That said, the DAC circuitry is basically based on the Wolfson WM8742 chips. And the chips from Wolfson are well-known for their high overall performance. Also, thanks to having a separate power supply for both the DAC and CD player, the level of interference will be considerably low.

Rega Saturn MK3
The Saturn MK3 offers flexibility and high specification CD transport

When it comes to the connectivity ports, there are plenty of options. The Saturn MK3 features two co-axial ports, two optical inputs, direct digital output, which is from the CD playback section, and a fully asynchronous USB port. 

For the inclusion of the USB port, it will be possible to connect the Rega Saturn MK3 with virtually any computer. But, you will need to install a driver for a Windows device, which is readily available at the official Rega site. The USB port also opens the possibility to connect this multi-functional device with smartphones and tablets.

That is not all! You will also have the option in terms of the sample rate. It will be possible to choose between 44.1 kHz and 192 kHz. And the resolution can go all the way up to 24 bit as well.

You will also find TOSLINK outputs if you take a proper peek at the back. With Co-axial, it will be possible to connect with a third-party DAC. So, you will not be limited with the built-in DAC.

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