Roku’s New Update Finally Brings Apple Music, but there is a Catch!

Roku’s New Update Finally Brings Apple Music, but There is a Catch!

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The TV devices that Roku offers are truly remarkable for the money. Those allow old and dated TVs to breathe new air again. However, unlike any other smart TV platform, Roku devices run on a proprietary OS named Roku OS

And Apple fans that were running that Smart TV operating system had one complaint. The Apple Music app was not available for the OS.

At its core, Apple Music is a streaming service app that brings you over 90 million tracks and 30 thousand curated playlists.

Along with that, you will have access to music videos, Apple-exclusive radio stations, and much more. 

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Roku’s New Update Finally Brings Apple Music, but There is a Catch!
Image Credit: Roku

However, the Roku OS did not have support for this app. That is exactly what the last update for the OS changed. Roku TV now has the Apple Music app directly available for download.

Also, there is a catch. Apple Music is not all about music streaming, listening to radios, and watching music videos.

These are something that other music streaming services are offering as well. There is one thing that makes this streaming service unique, which is the Spatial Audio.

Now, what is Spatial Audio? It is Apple’s take on getting you an immersive music-listening experience by offering you three-dimensional audio. When the creators implement this feature in the right way, it can transform the overall music listening experience. 

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Roku’s New Update Finally Brings Apple Music, but There is a Catch!
Image Credit: Jumpstory

You might even have a different perspective on the track you have been jamming to when you experience it with Spatial Audio.

In other words, with Spatial Audio, you will be capable of hearing things that were a bit less noticeable in the music. It adds an element to the track and gives it the room it needs to shine the most. 

Sometimes, the effect can be so good that you might feel like you are sitting right in front of the music creator. Yes, the experience can be that surreal!

That said, the bad news is that even though Roku finally has Apple Music on its app store, the app will not let you experience Spatial Audio. In other words, you will be missing out on the thing that makes Apple Music stand out.’

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Roku’s New Update Finally Brings Apple Music, but There is a Catch!
Image Credit: Roku

But the Spatial Audio feature is not the only thing that the Roku TV owners will be missing out on. The app will not even have support for lossless audio. 

Again, lossless audio is one of the things that makes Apple Music better than competing music streaming services such as Spotify. Without lossless audio support, you can not expect to get high-quality streams out of the app. 

And that is applicable even if you have a high-end home theatre setup hooked up with your TV. With all things aside, you are still getting easy access to 90 million songs along with 30 thousand curated playlists. So, it’s not like the update is bringing nothing to the table. 

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