Sennheiser’s New TWS Will Make It Easier To Stay In Your Zone!

Sennheiser's New TWS Will Make It Easier To Stay In Your Zone!

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Sennheiser, one of the audio accessories leaders, have just unveiled their latest TWS (True Wireless Stereo) buds. And unlike most of the other TWS that are on the market, these buds focus heavily on fitness enthusiasts. 

Wondering how does it do that? It will come with ear adapters and will let you take total control over the settings to let you stay in your zone, no matter what kind of activity you are carrying out.

But that is not all that makes it a perfect choice for someone that is all about fitness. The Sport earphones come with Adaptable Acoustic features, which will offer you an option between closed and open ear adapters. 

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Sennheiser's New TWS Will Make It Easier To Stay In Your Zone!

And the great news is that each of those options will provide you with a secure fit. That is something you can not take for granted from a sports-focused TWS.

On that note, the fit that you will get from the earbuds will monitor the total level of environmental sounds. And the regulation level works so well that you will not even have to employ the active noise-canceling technology to block out the external sounds.

According to Sennheiser, the open ear adapters will lower the distracting bodily noise to the extreme level when utilized in conjunction with the SPORT’s Aware EQ settings. 

That means you might not even be capable of hearing your own heartbeat or footsteps when that mode is on. However, it will allow you to hear the ambient sounds.

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Sennheiser's New TWS Will Make It Easier To Stay In Your Zone!

On the other hand, with the Focus EQ option and closed-ear adaptors, it will be possible to filter out all of the ambient noises. And that would go a long way when it comes to maintaining total concentration on your workout.

Along with the Aware and Focus EQ settings, you will have the option to build your own EQ 

settings. And you would be capable of doing so when you pair the buds with the Smart Control App. 

Now in terms of the audio quality of Sennheiser, you will be glad to know that the new Sport earphones will boast a 7 mm dynamic driver.

It will also include the latest and greatest Bluetooth 5.2, which will have support for AptX, AAC, and SBC. In other words, the codecs will make the new TWS widely compatible.

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Sennheiser's New TWS Will Make It Easier To Stay In Your Zone!

Furthermore, the Sennheiser buds will come with ear adapters in three different sizes. You will even receive four different ear fins, which will let you customize the fit accordingly. There is an IP54 rating, making the buds dust and splash resistant. 

So, you will not have to worry too much when using them as your workout earphones. What about battery life? Well, the earbuds will hold up to 9 hours of runtime. And with the charging case, you will get an additional 18 hours. That brings the total battery life to 27 hours!

(Image Credit: Sennheiser)

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