SIVGA SV023: The Perfect Blend of Sound and Style


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SIVGA is known for producing great-looking headphones. The audio specialist really has a unique way of making things look beautiful. 

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SV023 continues the classic style, chooses the material of premium natural solid walnut wood as a headphone chamber shell and adhere to the traditional

Well, with the SIVGA SV023, the brand took things to the next level. It’s not all about looks now; it’s about high-end performance too!

One of the main highlights of the SV023 is the custom designed 50mm, dynamic drivers. The in-house engineers of SIVGA designed these drivers to make the SV023 excel in terms of audio performance. 

Now, while large drivers such as these increase the weight of the headphone, the SV023 is different. Even with the 50mm dynamic drivers, the SIVGA SV023 weighs just 318 grams. That was possible for heavy focus on ergonomics from the SIVGA design team. 

Source: SIVGA

And in case you are wondering, the drivers are of Liquid Crystal Polymer composite cone and feature a Beryllium-plated center. On the note of the design, the drivers are housed inside real walnut wood. 

And even residing inside Walnut wood, the drivers of the SIVGA SV023 can offer a frequency response of 20Hz to 40kHz. And their impedance rating is 300 ohms, while their sensitivity is 105dB.

Furthermore, the SIVGA SV023 comes with soft memory foam earcups. These earcups have air holes, which ensures breathability. 

So, you will not need to worry about comfort too much when wearing the pair of headphones for a prolonged time.

Source: SIVGA

But the holes are not there just to increase comfort. They also do a proper job of enhancing sound quality. 

Nonetheless, the SIVGA SV023 also has a headband with real leather. And the headband is of stainless steel so that the headphone will feel exceptionally light on the head.

SIVGA did not skimp one bit on the peripherals. The SIVGA SV023 bundles with a high-end 4.4mm balanced cable. It is braided and is 2 meters in length. 

There are a total of four strands of the braid. Each of them is composed of 250D break-proof wire and 30 0.08mm cores.

Source: SIVGA

Now, as you might have guessed, the cable will pair perfectly well with balanced sources. That includes headphone amplifiers and portable DAPs. 

You will also get a 4.4mm balanced to 3.5mm single-ended adaptor and a 3.5mm to 6.35mm adaptor. These two will enable the SV023 to work with a broad range of devices, including smartphones, laptops, and HiFi separates.

Want to get yourself the SIVGA SV023? The headphone is currently available for purchase! And even though it is a beautifully crafted high-end headphone, its price tag is surprisingly low. So, if you are considering an upgrade, keep the SV023 on your list!

SIVGA SV023 Open Back Walnut Wooden Dynamic Driver Hi-Fi Headphone

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