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Sonos Joins Matter but Hasn’t Guaranteed the Support Yet

Sonos Joins Matter but Hasn't Guaranteed the Support Yet

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Sonos has discreetly signed the Connectivity Standards Alliance, the group creating the Matter smart home standard.

The matter is a wireless interoperability protocol that has been in development since 2019, with firms including Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, and Zigbee already participating.

Matter’s goal is to create an interoperable protocol with standard data models that enable smart home devices can function across ecosystems, such as a Nest doorbell working as effortlessly with an Amazon Echo Show as a Ring doorbell.

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Sonos Joins Matter but Hasn't Guaranteed the Support Yet
Image Credit: Sonos

On the other hand, Sonos’ agility is a crucial factor in the company’s success. Sonos is constantly right there trying to support what’s new whenever a new audio streaming service comes out — and as the industry advances and develops new features like lossless and Dolby Atmos spatial audio — Sonos smart speakers support both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as speech assistants. 

In addition, Apple’s AirPlay 2 is widely supported across the company’s current product lineup. All of this is on top of Sonos’s whole-home audio platform, on which the company has established its reputation.

But, to be so fluid and adaptable, Sonos must always be looking ahead and have a sense of what’s on the horizon in terms of technology. Sonos recently (and secretly) joined the Connectivity Standards Alliance, the group responsible for establishing the Matter smart home standard.

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Sonos Joins Matter but Hasn't Guaranteed the Support Yet
Image Credit: Sonos

While Sonos has not yet committed to adopting the matter standard, it is looking into it as excellent news for the smart home, and Sonos fans expect that their speakers may ultimately operate in tandem with other smart home gadgets.

“Sonos has always been focused on offering people options,” Joani Brink, a representative for the company, told The Verge. Sonos is committed to ensuring that our products work smoothly with other smart home products as an open platform with a diverse selection of partners.

“As a member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, we can learn about new standards and assess whether they provide real interoperability at the platform or operating system level, which we believe is critical for customers and competitiveness.”

“Our active engagement with Matter is at an early stage, and we look forward to learning and assessing positively,” Brink said in a follow-up statement to The Verge. 

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Sonos Joins Matter but Hasn't Guaranteed the Support Yet
Image Credit: Sonos

Sonos hasn’t said much more about its plans for matter, and its initial statement isn’t exactly clear on whether it will truly embrace the new standard.

For the time being, it appears like Sonos is keeping its options open and ensuring that it is ready to adopt the Matter protocol if it fulfills its goals, but it isn’t entirely hopping on board just yet.

Sonos is anticipated to introduce several new devices in the coming months, including an affordable soundbar leaked last week and its long-awaited wireless headphones. 

After recently publishing job openings for roles related to building apps and experiences directly for TV, the business is also rumored to be working on a new Home Theater OS. According to various sources, the move reflects the company’s long-held goal to play a more significant role in TV streaming.

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