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Sonos Optimo 2: A Flagship Speaker With Dolby Atmos Audio

Sonos Optimo 2

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The next flagship speaker from Sonos, currently codenamed Optimo 2, is set to have a wide range of connectivity options. There is a brand new speaker arrangement as well. 

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Encased in a new shell, this brand new speaker is claimed to have multiple drivers. Each driver will be firing the sound in a different direction between the backplate and front grille. 

That will eventually make the Optimo 2 offer a more spacious sound while having a relatively small footprint. Considering this, the Optimo 2 is claimed to support Dolby Atmos Audio.

Sonos Optimo 2
Source: Sonos

If you look at the renders posted on The Verge, you will notice it looks pretty similar to Sonos Five in terms of size. 

And just like the other options from the brand, Optimo 2 is tipped to come in the traditional colorways of white and black. However, many fans are looking forward to more colorful options, such as the Roam speaker.

Nonetheless, the Optimo 2 is also set to sport highly powerful internals than other speakers in the Sonos range

Sonos Optimo 2
Source: Sonos

The report from The Verge suggests that it will have twice the amount of RAM and eight times more flash memory than any of the speakers that came out from the brand. All of these pumped-up specs will surely make it perform better than the other offerings from the brand.

The brand is also looking to integrate more connectivity options to the Optimo 2. It is tipped to feature both Bluetooth and WiFi streaming options. 

Among these two, WiFi streaming is most likely to steam from the Sonos App. It is also likely to feature Apple AirPlay

Sonos Optimo 2
Source: Sonos

Furthermore, there has been a rumor going around that the speaker will have a wired audio connection. According to that, the wired connection will be through USB-C

That would make the Optimo 2 the first even speaker from the brand with a wired connection since the Five. Just like the other speakers from the brand, Optimo 2 will also feature microphones. Those are there for the user to interact with the voice assistant.

But what about Optimo 1? According to the report, the Optimo 2 is more like three new speakers that include the Optimo 1 and Optimo 1 SL. 

Sonos Optimo 2
Source: Sonos

All these speakers will be pretty similar, but the SL variant is most likely to lack microphones. That will eventually make the voice assistant get out of the equation, much more like the Roam SL and Sonos One SL.

It seems like the Optimo 2 will take the place of Sonos Five, whereas the Optimo 1 will be pretty much like the Sonos One and One SL.

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Sonos Roam – Lunar White

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