Sonos Sub Mini: Finally Official After a Delay but is it Reasonably Priced?

Sonos Sub Mini

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Sonos has finally revealed a highly anticipated speaker after a delay that is expected next month. It is now official, Sonos Sub Mini, the new speaker will be available for music lovers on October 6, 2022. 

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Hear and feel the difference with Sonos Sub, the wireless subwoofer for deep bass. 2 force-canceling drivers at the center of Sub eliminate vibration and rattle so you get powerful bass without any distortion.

Sonos claims that the design, sound, and bass of this new speaker will win the hearts of its fans. That said, the Sonos Sub Mini weighs only 14-pounds which is significantly less than the 36.3-pound Sub. 

Compared to the Sub’s 15.3 inches, it’s 12 inches long, and the cylindrical shape is 9.1 inches in diameter. Because of their different sizes and weights, the two subwoofers from Sonos now have distinct recommended uses. 

Sonos Sub Mini
Source: Sonos

Sonos Sub Mini will be available in white and black with standard matt monochrome. The large, oval-shaped slot in the middle of the Sonos Sub Mini will be its most distinctive physical feature

It will effectively move air while improving bass. The advantage is that it can be easily installed anywhere in the house without compromising the quality of the music. 

Sonos Sub Mini
Source: Sonos

So what makes Sonos Sub Mini a great catch? Well, it is reported to have a budget than the flagship model Sonos Arc.

Also, there’s a possibility that Sonos will match the new speaker with a full range of speakers like Sonos Ray, Sonos One, or One SL. You can guess it right, these are the smaller and budget versions from the company.

Sonos Sub Mini
Source: Sonos

Also, we have already mentioned that Sub Mini will have incredible audio quality with deep and rich bass.

What’s more, the Sonos app will make the music listening experience better than ever thanks to the added features. Both iOS and Android users can use functions including volume and EQ controls. 

The Sub Mini requires only one cable for power as connectivity provides via a low latency 5 GHz WiFi connection. Volume changes and adjustments are linked between a soundbar or speaker system. 

Sonos Sub Mini
Source: Sonos

Furthermore, you can change the bass level through the app where you can tailor it to your room’s acoustics using TruePlay tuning technology. 

To provide a force-canceling effect that reduces annoying hum and rattle, you will find the low-frequency response down to 25 Hz with two 6-inch woofers, each driven by a Class-D amplifier.

So what about the price? Is it reasonable? Well, Sonos Sub Mini is an all-around fantastic device and is highly recommended but it might cost you more. Sonos is asking a price of £429 in the UK, $429 in the US, and AU $699 in Australia.

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