Spotify is Planning to Halt the Spotify Stations- How Will Listeners React to this?

Spotify is Planning to Halt Spotify Stations- How Will Listeners React to this?

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According to emails sent to consumers, Spotify Stations, the company’s lightweight music streaming service, will be shut down on May 16.

The email has gone viral on Twitter, explaining that both the standalone app and the web-based participant would no longer work. 

Spotify will not start shutting down Stations until May 16 because the app has already been removed from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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Spotify is Planning to Halt Spotify Stations- How Will Listeners React to this?
Image: Jumpstory

The Spotify email states the music stations will shift to the main app and that you should transfer your favorites.

But why Stations are being phased out when it is not clear whether listeners are not happy with the experience? Simply put, it was a “test” that had run its course. 

“At Spotify, we consistently run multiple experiments to develop greater listening experiences for our consumers,” a Spotify spokesman told TechRadar in an announcement. Some of these assessments pave the path for our greater consumer expertise, while others are just for studying purposes. The Spotify Stations Beta was like a test.”

Spotify Stations was initially released in January 2018 and was based on the Pandora approach. It had a variety of stations, most of which were dedicated to completely distinct artists, genres, or moods. 

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Spotify is Planning to Halt Spotify Stations- How Will Listeners React to this?
Image: Jumpstory

Except for basic curation options like favorite songs, you had almost no control over what you were listening to.

Customers have been overwhelmingly destructive yet resigned in their responses. Commenters on the Spotify subreddit are disappointed that Stations is being phased out since they enjoyed the simplified user experience. 

Without wading through options, the UI delivered you straight to the music. Some said that it was a good way to discover new music, while others said it was a little quirky. The audio quality was poor, and the bottom app did not let you add tracks to playlists.

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Spotify is Planning to Halt Spotify Stations- How Will Listeners React to this?
Image: Jumpstory

With the demise of Spotify Stations, there appears to be the start of a new trend among internet behemoths to consolidate their services under one roof rather than having a slew of different apps. 

Spotify has already completed one task relating to integrating its Greenroom feature into its main app, which has been renamed Spotify Stay.

YouTube is taking a step in the right direction by removing its lightweight YouTube Go app. It was judged “pointless,” prompting old customers to download the main app. 

It will be interesting to watch whether other carriers follow the same path. It could be preferable to have only one lightweight program with many features rather than several.

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