Spotify will Have New Play and Shuffle Buttons, but only for the Premium Subscribers

Spotify Will Have New Play and Shuffle Buttons

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One of the things that differentiate Spotify free and Spotify premium is control over the music. On the mobile app, free users do not have much control over the track being played. 

Yes, it is possible to pause and play the track, but when a free user wants to play specific music, they need to listen to many random tracks first.

Nonetheless, although Spotify premium users already had much control over the music being played, it just got better. The streaming service is rolling out separate shuffle and play buttons that will be exclusive to the paying subscribers.

Spotify Will Have New Play and Shuffle Buttons
Source: Spotify

Currently, the streaming service only offers a combined play and shuffle button, which appears at the very top of the playlist. Yes, listening to Album tracks in the right order is possible, but that happened only when Adele complained about the lacking feature.

That said, according to the blog post of the streaming service, the premium customers will soon see separate buttons for playing and pausing throughout the app. 

And it applies to both the playlists and albums. The change will first come to the Android and iOS apps. And according to the streaming service, this new feature will get included “in the coming weeks.”

Spotify Will Have New Play and Shuffle Buttons
Source: Spotify

What about the non-paying customers? They will still need to keep on enduring the random shuffle and ads in between the tracks. This new feature might seem long overdue. 

But if you think about it, it is crazy that paying customers were not capable of listening to the tracks in the order that the artists intended before the last feature inclusion update. Seems like Spotify is lagging a lot behind in offering much-needed features, right?

Well, if you still do not feel like that, consider that the streaming service still has not talked about an official release date of the “long overdue” lossless music playing capability. Apple introduced the feature back in the summer of 2021. 

And apple also has other features hidden under its sleeves. There is spatial music available as well. Although, for the latter, you need an Airpods Pro, Max, or 3rd gen or Beats Fit Pro to get the most of it.

Spotify Will Have New Play and Shuffle Buttons
Source: Spotify

Tidal also had the feature for a very long time. And other music streaming services, such as Qobuz and Amazon Music Unlimited, also offer HiFi music to their subscribers.

Nonetheless, it is genuinely great that Spotify has been catching up by putting out new features. And hopefully, the streaming service will soon launch the much-awaited lossless music format.

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