Stratton Acoustics Elypsis1512: Monster Speakers with High-End Stereo

Stratton Acoustics Elypsis1512

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If you look at the speakers of the early days, you will be quite amazed by their sheer size. They were way larger than the HiFi speakers we see these days. 

While many of us moved well beyond that style of speakers, one company decided to give us a look back. 

In simpler words, the Stratton Acoustics Elypsis1512 is unlike any other speaker you might have seen these days.

Stratton Acoustics Elypsis1512
Source: Stratton Acoustics

One of the key highlights of the Elypsis1512 is that they are huge! The speakers stand 40 inches tall and hark back to classic speakers like Tannoy Buckingham, JBL 4350, and the Urei 815a.

But the thing that makes the offering from Stratton Acoustics stand out is that the Elypsis1512 aims to combine their sense of musical involvement and communication with a dash of modern technology and manufacturing techniques. 

The outside might tribute the old-age speakers, but the inside won’t. At the core, the Stratton Acoustics Elypsis1512 are three-way passive speaker

Stratton Acoustics Elypsis1512
Source: Stratton Acoustics

They are built around the complement of twin bass drivers, which are 380mm in size. In addition, the speakers come with a 29mm soft dome tweeter and a single 300mm midrange driver.

The tweeter features a precision waveguide and is mechanically decoupled. The Stratton Acoustics Elypsis1512 speakers also have 350mm reinforced paper diaphragm drivers with a 113mm voice coil. 

You will also find a twin spider suspension system and an aluminium demodulation ring. Regarding the midrange, the 300mm driver has a reinforced paper diaphragm with a 75.6-inch voice coil. 

Stratton Acoustics Elypsis1512
Source: Stratton Acoustics

It even has a copper-sleeved pole piece and a neodymium-iron-boron magnet system. On the other hand, the tweeter has a 29mm soft dome device. 

It is fitted with a CNC-machined aluminium waveguide. For the enclosure, the Stratton Acoustics Elypsis1512 utilizes CNC-routed birch ply panels. 

Stratton Acoustics came up with the housing by combining 24mm and 18mm panels, offering the enclosure the required rigidity. The housing also features a 46mm front baffle.

Stratton Acoustics Elypsis1512
Source: Stratton Acoustics

According to Stratton Acoustics, the two panels with the front baffle make the speaker highly efficient and have a wide bandwidth. It even allows the speakers to deliver sound with low overall distortion and coloration.

Overall, all the components of the Stratton Acoustics Elypsis1512 indeed look beastly. And they might make Stratton Acoustics, a relative newcomer in the HiFi world, offer HiFi speakers that can act like “stunning pieces of fine furniture.”

Even though that is a bold aim, the speakers are bold too. So, they have what it takes to act like HiFi separates and stunning pieces of furniture simultaneously.

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