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Tangent Pebble Max: The Best New Budget Portable Speaker Offered by Tangent!

Tangent Pebble Max

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Just because it is not the season for picnics, it does not mean that you can not get yourself a proper Bluetooth speaker that costs half of what it should. You read that right; half of what it should cost!

With the Pebble Max, Tangent is pushing its capabilities to the max to offer a great Bluetooth speaker without pushing the cost too far. And even though it might fly under your radar, you should consider it if you need a Bluetooth speaker.

So, what is so great about this budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker? First of all, its price tag does not do it any justice in terms of performance. 

Tangent Pebble Max
Source: Tangent

The total power output rating is 60 watts, that is, two 30-watt speakers. And if you are familiar with these numbers, you probably have already guessed how much of oomph it can provide.

Then, you have a high-capacity battery inside the Bluetooth speaker. Tangent claims that the battery can easily last for 10 hours. 

That means you can charge it once and take it for picnics or beach visits without worrying about the speakers dying on you. Furthermore, the build quality is excellent for the price point. 

Tangent Pebble Max
Source: Tangent

It features an IPX5 rating, meaning it will survive water sprays without any issues. Also, you will not need to worry about the internals when you get caught up in the rain.

In addition to that, Tangent has integrated Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connectivity. Thanks to that, you should get a stable connection and a fair enough range. 

However, you don’t have to rely on a wireless connection if you do not want to. There is a microSD card slot, which will let you play tunes directly from the speakers. 

Tangent Pebble Max
Source: Tangent

You can use the SD card to keep your entire music library and play all your favorite songs through the speakers when your phone battery dies, for example. 

Finally, the Tangent Pebble Max comes with a 3.5 mm jack. A headphone port on a Bluetooth speaker? Well, it is there to play the tracks from the built-in SD card through a connected headphone. 

Tangent Pebble Max
Source: Tangent

So,  if you really want to, you can use the Pebble Max as a dedicated portable music player. And, what are you missing out on for getting the budget-friendly Tangent Pebble Max? There are no deal-breaking features that you will miss out on.

However, the multi-speaker setup of the Tangent Pebble Max is not that well refined. That is, you should not expect it to offer the PartyBoost-like feature that is found on JBL speakers.

Although, the fact that Tangent is offering some kind of multi-speaker feature for this price is pretty impressive.

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