TCL and Philips TVs Offering Dual Line Gate Technology at Cheap!

TCL and Philips TVs Offer Dual Line Gate Technology

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Got yourself a new PS5? You probably know that it is more than capable of providing a 120Hz gaming experience. But to enjoy that, you will need a compatible TV. 

Well, the thing is, good high refresh rate gaming TVs do not come in cheap. Or do they? TCL and Philips are here to answer it once and for all! Now, what is the major difference between 60Hz and 120Hz refresh rates? 

In short, games on 120Hz refresh rate feel more responsive and seem smoother. And if you are into fast-paced and action games, those two factors can mean everything. 

TCL and Philips TVs Offer Dual Line Gate Technology
C635; Source: TCL

Let’s not forget that responsiveness can also dictate your experience in competitive gaming. Nonetheless, the main thing is that 120Hz TVs were not cheap. 

There were only a handful of options in the medium-range price point too. But TCL and Philips took things into their hands. 

They are now offering TVs that are technically 60Hz but have the support for a 120Hz refresh rate. So, which of the TCL and Philips TVs have that? 

TCL and Philips TVs Offer Dual Line Gate Technology
C635; Source: TCL

The Philips The One 8508, TCL Q6, and TCL C645 are good examples of these TVs. These models offer excellent picture quality and gaming features without raising the price tag. So, how did TCL and Philips manage to do so? 

These TVs utilize a technology called Dual Line Gate technology (DTG). And this tech enables the 60 frames-per-second (FPS) panel to show 120 FPS.

However, you have to deal with half of the vertical resolution. In other words, the crisp nature of the pictures will take a hit.

TCL and Philips TVs Offer Dual Line Gate Technology
C635; Source: TCL

Even though the resolution might be lower than the panels can offer, the motion will be significantly smoother. In fact, the resolution drop might not even be a problem. 

With the advanced version of the tech, Hardware Super Resolution, for the Philips TVs will add a lot of sharpness to the image.

Furthermore, you need to consider that you don’t look further into the fine details when you enjoy fluid motions. So, even without the Hardware Super Resolution, the image details will not be a thing to complain about. What about the input lag? 

TCL and Philips TVs Offer Dual Line Gate Technology
7600 series; Source: Philips

Well, it should be present in these TCL and Philips TV models. But it should be considerably low. Otherwise, they would not be marketed for gaming anyway.

Even so, if you have the budget, you should push for a truly 120Hz TV. With that, you can get the most out of your Sony PS5 and other beefed-up gaming systems without sacrificing image quality. 

However, if you don’t have the money to spend, the new TCL and Philips TVs with DLG technology are great picks.

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