Tesla Wireless Charging Platform: Is it Better than the Apple AirPower?

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform

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Remember Apple AirPower? Apple announced it five years back but did not see the light of day. Apple canceled the product without giving any official reason. 

Well, the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform is here to take on its legacy. But the real question is, does it solve what Apple was concerned about?

Although Apple did not explain why it canceled the AirPower, experts believe it was for overheating issues. The multiple coils inside the product made it heat up too much. 

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform
Source: Tesla

And Apple did not want to take the hassle of working on it further. Instead, they came up with MagSafe for its iPhones and AirPods.

That said, the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform is pretty close to Apple’s AirPower. But it’s not exactly what Apple wanted AirPower to be. 

At its core, the platform from Tesla features “FreePower® technology, which charges your Qi-capable devices such as phones or earbuds placed anywhere on its surface without precise alignment.”

It can provide up to 15W of wireless charging rate and can hold up to three devices. Now, the specifications and the capability to hold three devices do make it seem like the AirPower we never had. 

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform
Source: Tesla

However, there’s something that the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform is missing. The key selling point of the Apple AirPower was that you would not have to line up your devices precisely on the charging coils. 

In the press images of AirPower, Apple showcased AirPower’s capability to hold an iPhone X, Apple Watch, and AirPods. The Tesla Wireless Charging Platform will be able to hold only two out of these three devices.

Wondering why? Apple Watch is not compatible with the Qi standard that Tesla is working with. But it’s not just the Apple Watch; other wearables, including the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Pixel Watch, do not have Qi standard support. 

So, do not hope to charge your smartwatches on the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform. On the other hand, Apple claimed that the Apple devices and AirPower would “intelligently work together and communicate with each other to manage the charging through one more efficient charging system.” 

Tesla Wireless Charging Platform
Source: Tesla

There is no information about this on the promo page of the Tesla Wireless Charging Platform. Nonetheless, recent rumors claim that Apple will bring AirPower back from the dead one day. 

But that does not seem much valid as charging the iPhones wireless is not a big problem. MagSafe solved what AirPower was aiming to fix. 

That is, wirelessly charging devices without worrying about placement. And as MagSafe is getting more mature, AirPower does not seem as attractive as it did back in 2017.

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