The Highly Anticipated Quantum Line From Leema Acoustics Will Finally Debut at NWAS 2022

Leema Acoustics

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Leema Acoustics has been working on an entire lineup of Welsh-made HiFi for several years now. And they are soon to unveil the whole range at Cranage. The debut of the range is set for the North West Audio Show 2022, which is coming up pretty soon.

Wondering who the Welsh HiFi brand is? Two ex-BBC sound engineers founded the brand. And they are the ones that will throw the covers off the highly anticipated Quantum lineup. 

So, what does the lineup carry? You will find four brand new strong ranges, which have been in the making for several years now. 

Leema Acoustics
Source: Leema Acoustics

But the range is not a rebranding of the earlier models. Instead, they are entirely designed, built, and engineered from the ground up. As the name of the brand states, the range will be built in the Welshpool factory in Powys, Wales.

Now, in the Quantum line of Leema Acoustics, you will find a new Electron CD player, Neutron DAC/pre-amp, Position streamer, and Graviton power amp. Among all of these, the main highlights are the Graviton pre/power and Neutron. 

Firstly, the Neutron DAC/pre-amp will come with a multi-input DAC and MM/MC phono stage. It will also have both unbalanced and balanced inputs.

Leema Acoustics
Source: Leema Acoustics

On the other hand, the Gavitron will offer 150 watts, or 8 Ohms, of Class A/B power. They both look pretty similar when it comes to housing. But that does not mean that they are bland-looking. 

Instead, the design keeps up the tabs with the other modern preamps and pre/power devices that are out there.

That said, the Electron CD player will boast the ES9018 Sabre DAC. And if you know about the DAC a little, you probably can understand how good the CD player will be. But that is not all; Leema Acoustics has also integrated headphone and coaxial digital outputs.

However, other details of the devices are yet to be announced by Leema Acoustics. And you will be capable of knowing all about them in the coming months as production is yet to start in full swing.

Leema Acoustics
Source: Leema Acoustics

Want to see the Leema Acoustics Quantum lineup unveiled in person? Then, you should definitely get the tickets for the NWAS

Visitors to the show can hear and see things about the Quantum range in the Mian Audio room, which is at 224.

And if you are wondering when the show is set for, it is set for the 18th of this June. Also, there are chances to reserve free tickets, which you should take full advantage of.

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