The Price of YouTube Premium Just Got Hiked, but Which Plan Got Affected?

The Price of YouTube Premium Just Got Hiked

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No company, whether tech or non-tech, is in a safe position from the recent unpredictable economic climate. And Google is not an exception in that regard.

At least, the price hike announcement for YouTube Premium can give you some hints in that regard. This price increment for YouTube Premium is the first major hike the platform has seen in several years.

Currently, the price for the family plan is $17.99 in the USA and Canada, and for the UK, it is £17.99. However, the price for the family plan will rise to $22.99 for the USA and Canada and £19.99 for the UK.

The Price of YouTube Premium Just Got Hiked
Source: Jumpstory

The new price will come into effect in November. For the USA and Canada, the price increment is 30 percent, which is the largest that the users have seen so far. But what about the price of YouTube Premium for Australia? 

Well, currently, the family plan costs AU$22.99 per month in Australia. However, there is no official information regarding the price hike taking effect in that region.

That said, if you are not a new subscriber, you have a few more months to enjoy YouTube Premium at the current months. 

According to Google, the “long-standing and valued members” who started the subscription before the rebrand from YouTube Red will stay in the same plan pricing until April 2023.

The Price of YouTube Premium Just Got Hiked
Source: Jumpstory

So, the price hike that will be in effect from November 21 is only for the new YouTube Premium family users. But other than the price change, the family Premium plan will remain pretty much the same. 

In other words, it will still allow up to six accounts to remain in the same subscription. But what explains all these price chances? 

Before anything else, you need to know that it is not a new thing for the platform. There have been price changes in the subscription plans before. 

And according to Google, the platform raises subscription prices “to continue delivering great service and features.”

The Price of YouTube Premium Just Got Hiked
Source: Jumpstory

Wondering if there are any changes in the individual accounts? Currently, personal account users do not need to worry about paying higher than the current rates. 

The price hike is only applicable to family plans. However, that does not mean that the price will not change in the future. 

But when that happens, Google is sure to face a backlash. And the company is ready for it. It has set up a support page for all users who want feedback on the current price hike.

Google can probably just gauge the subscribers’ anger level after the announcement. But other than that, the feedback page might not offer any fruitful results.

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