The Rotel Diamond Series is Here to Commemorate the Company’s 60th Anniversary

Rotel Diamond

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With the launch of the Rotel Diamond Series (high-performance RA-6000 amplifier, and DT-6000 DAC Transport), high-end Japanese audio manufacturer Rotel commemorates 60 years of family ownership today.

Rotel has designed, produced, and delivered audio devices of the highest caliber, offering great performance, and are incredibly affordable.

This Japanese family-owned and -operated company builds on the heritage and history of this 60-year-old iconic brand supported by innovation and enthusiasm to deliver products proud to wear the Rotel badge. 

Rotel Diamond
Source: Rotel

To honor the year 1961, when Tomoki Tachikawa founded the Rotel company in Tokyo, Japan, the two-channel Diamond Series was selected. 

The Rotel Diamond Series models presented today have an industrial design with aesthetics that is up to date and cutting edge. The design and functionality are meant to carry on the tradition of previous well-liked models in the manufacturer’s line of vintage HiFi components.

Beginning in July, authorized Rotel dealers will be able to purchase the Rotel Diamond Series DT-6000 and RA-6000 in the US; additional countries will follow soon after. 

The new RA-6000 integrated amplifier reportedly inherits the technical efficiency and development of the Michi series’ flagship devices and delivers 350 watts of class AB power at 4 ohms.

Rotel Diamond
Source: Rotel

A trio of coaxial, optical, and analog connections as well as balanced XLR round out the device’s highly unusual connectivity list. Computer USB asynchronous input has the Roon Tested certification, supports audio up to 32bit/384kHz and can decode and play MQA.

Bluetooth with aptX HD connectivity takes care of the wireless component. It also has a movable phono preamplifier magnet for those who enjoy vinyl records. It makes a lot of sense given that Rotel amplifiers “keep extremely nice company” with Pro-Ject turntables.

The Rotel DT-6000, a DAC with a CD player, is the second item in the Diamond equipment series. It has an ESS Saber ES9028PRO 8 Channel Digital to Analog Converter, which converts each of the four channels to stereo outputs and provides studio-quality surround sound and incredible detail.

The DT-6000 is powered by a toroidal transmitter that is internally shielded and equipped with high-efficiency smoothing capacitors that cut down on parasitic emissions. 

Rotel Diamond
Source: Rotel

These capacitors also provide isolated, independent, low-noise power to all crucial circuits, further reducing noise and distortion.

The Rotel Diamond Series, available in black and silver, will be on sale starting the following month, with the DT-6000 transport costing AU$3199 (about £1800/$2200) and the RA-6000 integrated pricing AU$6399 (roughly £3600/$4500). 

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