The Shokz OpenRun Could Be Your Next Favorite Running Headphones

Shokz OpenRun

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Bone conduction headphones are pretty unique. There are not that many big brands offering them. However, that does not mean that the ones that are available in the market are great for the price. 

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Shokz OpenRun

Open-Ear Comfort – OpenRun’s innovative design features a featherweight, wraparound frame and wireless, open-ear fit for comfortable, earbud-free listening. Includes Shokz headband.

Some are nothing but mediocre at best. But, Shokz OpenRun is not one of them. And for the Prime Day Sale, the value proposition of this surprisingly good bone conduction headphone just got better.

Nonetheless, if you are not that familiar with bone conduction technology, these headphones basically send sound through the bones of the skull. 

Shokz OpenRun
Source: Shokz

Those sounds then end up in your eardrums. In other words, these headphones will not directly feed the sound waves to your ears. Instead, they will leave your ear open while still letting you listen to your favorite track.

So, how is the Shokz OpenRun a good headphone for running? The bone conduction technology! By wearing the Shokz OpenRun, you can listen to your favorite podcasts, audiobooks, and tunes while keeping your ears open. 

Eventually, while using the Shokz OpenRun, you will be more aware of the pedestrians, traffic, and environment.

Shokz OpenRun
Source: Shokz

It is more like the revamped version of the ‘transparency mode’ available in ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) wireless buds. 

However, while the transparency feature of those buds will usually use different mics and a running algorithm, Shokz OpenRun will naturally let the outside noise go through your ears.

Now, is it better than ANC buds in terms of keeping you aware of your surroundings? In comparison, yes! The air between your ears will not fight for space while you have the Shokz OpenRun on.

That will enable you to wear the headphones for a prolonged time without facing any comfort issues. But are these headphones good for regular music-listening sessions? 

They are! However, you will not have much of an immersive listening experience, considering the fact that they are leaving your ears wide open. The sound quality that you will get will be good enough for jamming to your favorite tunes.

That said, another thing that makes the Shokz OpenRun a great pick as a pair of running headphones is the IP67 rating. Thanks to that, you can work out and carry out your exercise session without worrying about the sweat damaging the internals.

The Shokz OpenRun also offers 8 hours of battery life. Now, that might not seem like a lot, but this run time is enough for exercise. The unit also has a quick-charging feature, which will offer 1.5 hours of run time with just 10 minutes of charge.

SHOKZ OpenRun (AfterShokz Aeropex) - Open-Ear Bluetooth Bone Conduction Sport Headphones - Sweat Resistant Wireless Earphones for Workouts and Running - Built-in Mic, with Headband
Shokz OpenRun

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