The YouTube for TV App has Been Updated, and Here are All the Changes the Update Brought

YouTube for TV App

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If you have been using YouTube on your smart TV, you might have already noticed that things are not like before. Well, your intuition was correct because the app has indeed been updated, and there have been subtle changes here and there.

The starting sound and animation was the first thing that changed for the new YouTube TV app. And it seems like the team has put a great effort into creating the app’s sound. It is full of details and is pretty unique.

According to YouTube, the app needed something “vibrant, engaging, and easily recognizable.” And the new starting sound indeed delivers what the team was looking forward to.

YouTube for TV App
Source: Jumpstory

In fact, to get the audio snippet right, the streaming giant has partnered with sonic branding studio Antfood. On the major 7th note, you will notice “rich, pitch-bending tones that signify the irresistible gravitational pull of YouTube.”

These bending tones are here to represent the way the streaming platform allows the users to explore things that they love.

Basically, the three-second intro of the new app is much more than it seems. There is a story behind it, and it has a purpose.

YouTube for TV App
Source: Jumpstory

The same applies to the new animation, which will arrive on other YouTube apps. So, even if you do not have the app on your TV, you will be able to see it on your phone pretty soon.

However, the intro is only one of the things that are new about the update. The update also brought an option for displaying comments alongside the playback video.

In other words, no need to make additional taps with the remote just to view the video’s comments.

YouTube for TV App
Source: Jumpstory

YouTube did not officially announce the comment feature. A user on Reddit spotted it and you can see the feature live on your Android TV if it has the updated app.

However, it might only be available to some users. So, you are not the only one if you have not got the feature.

Although, the comments appear in a sidebar on the right, which is a good thing. They will not obstruct the video that is on the screen.

YouTube for TV App
Source: Jumpstory

And the feature will come in handy when watching videos with a discussion that is needed for further understanding.

But, you will not be able to add comments or respond to them with the app on the TV. You still have to rely on the iOS or Android app for that.

Also, as YouTube did not announce anything regarding the comment feature, there is no guarantee that it is not a testing feature.

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