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UK HiFi Show 2022 Has Been Canceled Due to the Death of HM Queen Elizabeth II

UK HiFi Show 2022

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Following the sad news of HM Queen Elizabeth II passing away, the organizers behind the UK HiFi Show Live 2022 have canceled the show. The organizers had something to say regarding the cancellation. 

And according to them, “It is with great sadness that we receive the news of the passing of Her Majesty The Queen. Our thoughts are with His Majesty The King and the Royal Family. At this time of national mourning, the UK HiFi Show Live, hosted at the Ascot Grandstand, is canceled. The rescheduling of our event will be announced as soon as appropriate.”

So, that means that the UK HiFi Show is not entirely canceled. It has just been rescheduled. Before the sad news, the show was supposed to be held on September 10th at the Ascot Racecourse. 

UK HiFi Show 2022 Has Been Cancelled
Source: Jumpstory

And if you have been following the event announcements, you probably know that a lot of brands were supposed to attend the event.

Among all, there is the Cambridge Audio, KEF, Klipsch, Alta Audio, Eclipse, Wilson Audio, Kiseki, and tons of other well-known and famous audio brands. 

A lot of the overseas brand ambassadors were supposed to attend the UK HiFi Show 2022 as well. 

UK HiFi Show 2022 Has Been Cancelled
Source: Jumpstory

According to the official list, Heinz Lichtenegger from Pro-Ject Audio, Anders Ertzeid from Hegel, Bruno Putzeys from Kii Audio, and many other ambassadors of overseas brands were supposed to attend the show.

Now, there is no word regarding whether the rescheduling will have an impact on the brands and ambassadors that were supposed to be at the UK HiFi Show 2022 or not. 

UK HiFi Show 2022 Has Been Cancelled
Source: Jumpstory

However, the official website states that the list is updated regularly. That means if you are planning to go to the event for some particular brand and are wondering whether they will cancel out, you need to check the list regularly.

That said, if you were planning to head to the UK HiFi Show 2022 and could not settle on September 10th, this rescheduling might be in your favor. You just have to check the event page and catch up with the updates regarding the show.

On that note, the website also has a show guide. It is available in both high-resolution and low-resolution formats. So, it would be a good idea for you to take check the guide out. 

UK HiFi Show 2022 Has Been Cancelled
Source: UK HiFi Show Live

That will enable you to plan the event ahead and make things go smoothly. You will also get the information you might need for the show’s direction

It will definitely come in handy if you have never been to Ascot Racecourse. The website also has parking information, which can undoubtedly make it easier for you to park your car and attend the UK HiFi Show at peace.

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