An Unofficial AirPods Repair Kit Can Possibly Allow Adding USB C Port to the Case!


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The craze about Apple devices having a USB C port has not settled down yet. First, there was an unofficial phone with a USB C port, which sold for $86,001 on eBay. Now, people are trying to add USB C on AirPods.

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However, although it was not possible for an average person to Frankenstein the USB C on their iPhone, with a kit, it will be indeed possible for a person with moderate DIY skills to make their AirPods get a USB C port.

So, to make the project work, you first need to know that you will void the warranty by adding the USB C port to your AirPods. And you will need access to a 3D printer and a handy screwdriver. But why a 3D printer?

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The case for both the first and second gen is very unrepairable. You most certainly have to break it open to get access to the internals. 

That is why a lot of the repair specialists have given the AirPods case a score of 0 in terms of repairability. And for fixing the USB C port in place, you certainly need to work with the internal components a bit.

Nonetheless, the technique that you would need to follow to install the USB C port involves cracking the case open, swapping the old battery with a new one, and then 3D printing new parts to replace the bits that you have damaged. 

Source: Jumpstory

It might sound simple, but you would need to spend a good amount of time on the project. The plan basically came to a robotics engineering student, Ken Pillonel. 

He is the same engineer who jerry-rigged the USB C on the iPhone X. That said, to make things easier, the engineer has published all of the 3D printing models that you will need for the project. 

You will also get circuit board files on his GitHub. Now, even though Ken is not selling a ready-made repair kit at the moment, he did not rule out its possibility. 

Source: Apple

However, there is a high chance that he will get a letter from Apple’s lawyers right after he announces it. So, currently, if you want to make your AirPods case get a USB C port, you will need to work with your resources and follow the guide he has posted.

On that note, Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, has already stated that they are testing a version of the iPhone that comes with a USB C port. 

And the EU law regarding all devices having the same charging port from 2024 is still going strong. So, you might soon start to see Apple devices coming with a USB C port. And when the iPhones start to come with the port, the AirPods will too.

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