Vertere Announces a Groovy New Spinner: DG-1 S Record Player

Vertere Announces DG-1 S Record Player

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Vertere launched the Original DG-1 deck three years back. It is an award-winning Dynamic Groove deck that showed that Vertere was capable of clever engineering and delivering excellent overall sound. 

The brand amped up its game with the DG-1 S. As you might have guessed, it is a new and much-improved version of the original.

At first glance on the Vertere DG- S1, you might think nothing has changed. Well, you will be correct, but only in terms of the overall outlook. The attention-grabbing design, unique flat tonearm, and distinctive plinth are still there. 

Vertere Announces a Groovy New Spinner DG-1 S Record Player
Source: Vertere

Vertere made all of the upgrades under the good. In fact, the brand has made many adjustments inside to enhance the overall performance. All of the enhancements offer better dynamics, more significant details, and more precise separation in stereo.

One of the star attractions of Vertere DG-1 was the unconventional tonearm design. The previous model was triple-layered and utilized aluminum alloy and polymer. But the one that is on the DG-1 S has five layers. And it is made of polymer laminates.

Yet, that is not the only thing that makes the record player’s tonearm stand out. Unlike the bearings you will find in most tonearms, Vertere utilizes threads. 

Vertere Announces a Groovy New Spinner DG-1 S Record Player
Source: Vertere

And the threads had an upgrade on the new model as well. And it is now possible to adjust the vertical Kevlar thread for azimuth and tension. On the other hand, the horizontal nylon thread is now fitted and offers greater overall precision. The precision that it offers translates to higher overall consistency.

There are improvements in the platter bearing as well. This upgrade will deliver lower overall noise and will reduce the rotational variability. 

The new motor drive software present in DG-1 S will also do a proper job of reducing the overall noise and vibration. The coupling between the three plinth layers will also play a role in lower the noise and vibration.

That said, the original DG-1 from Vertere received much praise for being at a relatively lower price point while being high-end. It was the first Vertere record player from Vertere with such traits. 

Vertere Announces a Groovy New Spinner DG-1 S Record Player
Source: Vertere

However, the same story does not apply to the DG-1 S. Due to the price hike of the materials, the new record player is not in the same price range as the originals. 

But, it is still offering a lot of value for the price. And the best part is that the new version will still come with a Magneto cartridge. That means you can still plug and play it.

Want to give the new groovy player a spin? Well, you have to wait a little bit. The official release date is in September 2022.

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