ViewSonic 105″ 5K Interactive Display at ISE 2023!

ViewSonic 105" 5K Interactive Display

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ViewSonic is all set to introduce its latest workspace solutions at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2023. The event will take place in Spain and will begin on 31st January. 

It will be run through 3rd February, and it seems like ViewSonic 105″ 5K Interactive Display will be the star of the show.

This model from ViewSonic will be the first largest interactive display from the company. The 105″ 5K resolution ViewBoard is going to set new Presentation Display standards for video conferencing.

ViewSonic 105" 5K Interactive Display
ID1655 ViewBoard Touch Display; Source: ViewSonic

But the ViewSonic 105″ 5K Interactive Display is not the only thing that the company is about to showcase. There will be other large-format displays in the show. 

That includes the Luminous Superior Series lamp-free projectors and All-in-One LED Displays. So, the visitors will be able to experience all the possibilities for seamless hybrid meeting spaces.

The COO of ViewSonic, Bonny Cheng, said: “After the acceleration of digital collaboration over the years, ViewSonic is dedicated to offering innovative visual solutions for every type of workplace – from individual work to corporate workplaces.”

ViewSonic 105" 5K Interactive Display
ID2456 Touch Display; Source: ViewSonic

That means the ViewSonic 105″ 5K Interactive Display is going to benefit all. And whether it is a small company or a full-fledged corporation, the panel will boost productivity and enable better team efficiency across the board.

Want to get more from ViewSonic? Well, the company has to offer a broad range of workplace solutions. That includes integrated hardware and software that will enable smoother day-to-day work.

The diverse solutions of ViewSonic include portable devices, monitors, and other intuitive functionalities for professionals that make communication seamless.

ViewSonic 105" 5K Interactive Display
IFP4320; Source: ViewSonic

On that note, the ViewBoards and Presentation Displays, such as the ViewSonic 105″ 5K Interactive Display, are designed to work with the myViewBoard software suite

When combined, meetings in public areas and larger meeting spaces will become smoother than ever before.

The All-in-One LED displays from ViewSonic will also play a role in that regard. And the same thing applies to lamp-free projectors. 

Not to mention that their installation flexibility will let large-scale corporations quickly get their setups up and running.

ViewSonic 105" 5K Interactive Display
IFP6550 (Gen 3); Source: ViewSonic

However, installation flexibility is not the only highlight of the solutions. For example, the ViewSonic 105″ 5K Interactive Display aims to deliver large-scale vivid images. 

And this will play a crucial role in impressing the audiences with exceptionally good visual performances.

Want to experience the ViewSonic 105″ 5K Interactive Display launch? Head over to the ViewSonic booth at ISE 2023

The brand will be available in booth #2Q600, Hall 2. And they will be available from 10 am to 6 pm from 31st January to 2nd February. And from 10 am to 4 pm on 3rd February.

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