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ViewSonic Brings Out Its First Portable OLED Screen: The ColorPro VP16-OLED

ViewSonic ColorPro VP16-OLED

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You can never have too much screen space. However, creators who have to remain on the go most of the time can only have so much. Well, that is where ViewSonic stepped in with its first-ever portable OLED screen. 

New Release
ViewSonic VP16-OLED

With a weight of 2 lbs and a thickness of .8 in, this 15.6 in portable monitor slips easily into backpacks and purses.

And no, it’s not like any other portable screens out there. To start with, the ViewSonic ColorPro VP16-OLED features a native full HD resolution. 

And thanks to the remarkably advanced OLED technology, this 1080p screen can offer vivid visuals and better details.

ViewSonic ColorPro VP16-OLED
Source: ViewSonic

Secondly, it excels in terms of color production. To be exact, it might be better than the screen you have on your laptop in terms of color

How so? The VP16-OLED has Pantone validation and comes with factory calibration to offer richer and better color accuracy, uniformity, and enhanced details.

In short, you will not need to do any tuning after getting this portable OLED screen from ViewSonic. Another thing to note regarding color production is that the screen got an award for it. 

ViewSonic ColorPro VP16-OLED
Source: ViewSonic

It won a “Special Award” category in the Good Design Award 2022 for its remarkable color performance and capability of offering immersive visuals.

Want to know more about its color performance? The OLED screen of the ViewSonic ColorPro VP16 can deliver pictures without the halo effects. That allows the screen to reproduce blacks perfectly.

The screen also comes with a wide color gamut. Its color gamut is 100 percent DCI-P3. And it does a perfect job of providing higher overall brightness and contrast. 

ViewSonic ColorPro VP16-OLED
Source: ViewSonic

So, each of the color ranges of the image will look sharper and brighter on the screen. Wondering what the contrast ratio of the screen is? 

The ViewSonic ColorPro VP16-OLED has a high contrast ratio, which is at 100000:1. This exceedingly high contrast ratio will offer better visuals when viewing dark and light content. 

And the great thing is that its “true black” reproduction capability will not fail to amaze you one bit. But immersive visuals and excellent color performance are not the only things that make the screen worth getting. 

It’s exceptionally thin and light in weight. Thanks to such a form factor, creators will not have any trouble carrying the screen around.

ViewSonic ColorPro VP16-OLED
Source: ViewSonic

Lastly, the ViewSonic VP16-OLED is pretty versatile too. It comes with a stand, which you can adjust to different levels. 

As a result, it will be easy for you to set it up according to your preference. Also, it has multiple connectivity ports. That will further smoothen up the setup process.

Overall, the specs and the performance of the ViewSonic VP16-OLED look great on paper. No wonder why it has already managed to win an award.

ViewSonic 15.6 Inch 1080p Portable OLED Monitor with 2 Way Powered 40W USB C, Pantone Validated, Factory Calibrated, Built in Ergonomic Stand with Protective Cover (VP16-OLED)
ViewSonic VP16-OLED

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