Waiting for the Highly-Anticipated Sonos Wireless Headphones? You need to wait a bit longer!

Waiting for the Highly-Anticipated Sonos Wireless Headphones? You need to wait a bit longer!

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So, there has been a lot of heat regarding the first pair of headphones from Sonos. Many were expecting the wireless headphones to come to light pretty soon. But now, it seems like that is unlikely to happen! The CEO of the company, Patrick Spence, told the investors that Sonos is going to be “focused on launching new products in our existing product categories.”

However, do not just lose all your hopes! Patric Spence stated that the focus would be on the existing product lineup for the remaining period of this financial year. In other words, the new speculated time now for the new Sonos wireless headphones is after September.

Wondering how did the rumor regarding the wireless headphone start in the first place? Well, the AV rumor mill went into complete overdrive when Sonos acquired RHA Audi, a UK headphone maker, and LE Audio, a company specializing in Bluetooth. Seeing these acquisitions, people started to speculate that the first wireless headphone from Sonos would debut in a short amount of time.

Waiting for the Highly-Anticipated Sonos Wireless Headphones? You need to wait a bit longer!
Sonos Brings Effortless Listening Experience

Nonetheless, the CEO of the company made the announcement regarding their focus being entirely on the existing lineup the last Wednesday. And Sonos’s next fiscal year is not going to start before September. So, there is a chance that the brand did not even begin working on the project yet. In other words, Sonos’s venture into the new product lineup, such as wireless headphones, is at least seven more months away.

Spence did make another announcement on the quarterly earnings calls that happened on Wednesday. And you are surely going to be excited to hear about it if you are a fan of Sonos. The CEO confirmed that the brand would be releasing at least two new products each year. He started, “commitment to launching at least two new products per year.”

The last product that we saw from Sonos was the Beam Gen 2. It debuted in October 2021. If we consider the financial year of Sonos, that is one product in this year. So, does that mean a new product is on the way? Yes! “at least one additional product launch from us later this year” was promised by the CEO in that quarterly earnings call. That means you can certainly look forward to a new product from Sonos before September.

However, as mentioned, the product would go into the pre-existing lineup. And this new product can even be a new addition to the Beam lineup. Nonetheless, you can dial your hopes down a bit if you are looking forward to a new lineup anytime soon.

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