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Wanted Budget-Friendly Powered Subwoofers? Crutchfield Has Got Your Back!


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Audio enthusiasts did not have that much luck with sales this year. But that changed from 4th April. Crutchfield is having a powered subwoofer sale that started from 4th April and will go on till 10th  April. The sale cut the price for powered woofers substantially and made the price start at just $150.

Furthermore, you will have the chance to enjoy free two-day shipping if you live in a region where Crutchfield is offering the free shipping promotion. That will further enhance the overall value of the deal. And the chances of getting such a deal further down the line can become pretty tough.

Nonetheless, you might not have shopped on Crutchfield before. Well, it is an electronics retailer that mainly focuses on AV gear. That means you will not only be capable of getting a proper deal for the subwoofer, but with enough luck, you can even get yourself a full home theater setup on a budget.

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That said, currently, there are eight different powered subwoofers on sale. Among those eight, you will find Jamo S 810, Jamo S 808, Kanto SUB8, and finally, Focal Cub3. These four are the ones that most audio enthusiasts are eyeing at the moment.

But that is not all that is great about this subwoofer sale. You will have the chance to select one from the different color options that the woofers come in. And there is also the option to choose between compact powered subwoofers and traditional powered subwoofers. That means you will not have to be stuck with a large-sized woofer if you do not want to.

Moreover, Crutchfield has got stellar customer support available. The team remains active 24/7. Furthermore, the electronics retailer has a great refund policy.

You can return the purchased product that is like-new and complete within the first 60 days of the purchase. So, if you are not that happy with your purchase, you can return the woofer without going through that many hassles.

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Additionally, as a retailer that focuses on AV equipment and electronics, Crutchfield has tech specialists. They will offer support on pretty much anything. And they are pretty good at solving sound-related problems. In other words, you can reach these staff and talk about any problems you might face regarding your recent purchase. 

Overall, the deal that Crutchfield is offering is a pretty great deal. And you do not want to miss it if you have been saving up for a powered woofer. Remember, the sale will go away on 10th April.

(Images: Crutchfield)

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