abode Security – Where to buy and other FAQ

We are big fans of the abode Security system. It is has been a staple of our home for around 3 years. Not only is abode security our home security system but it is also our home automation hub. And with the advancements of the abode Cue automation engine, there is even more reason to choose abode home security.

Abode Security System Start Kit
Abode Security System is also a Smart Home Automation System.

So in the interests of community support the following list is the most commonly asked (fan) questions about the abode DIY home security system.

You can also read our abode security system review in full.

There are two systems available in the abode product line.

abode FAQ

In no particular order :

What options are there with the abode Home Security System?

The abode security system launched ~3 years ago with what is now called the abode Hub. Since then a second-generation Hub and a new all in one device called the Iota is available. The Iota has a built-in HD camera.

Is abode available in Canada?

At the time of posting abode security does support professional monitoring in Canada BUT, all other features and functions in the system work in Canada (and internationally).

The power supply is, of course, compatible with 110v and the online services do work. The abode RF frequency, Z-Wave frequency and Zigbee are all compatible in Canada and North America.

Where to buy abode Security system

If you’re wondering where to buy the abode Security system including the Gen 2 Hub and Iota are available at Amazon below.

Who owns abode?

abode was originally privately funded and developed by a former ADT senior staffer called Christopher Carney with a collection of other talented entrepreneurs. After initial development, they launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its first round of development.

More recently abode was purchased by an Italian company called Nice S.p.A. Nice S.p.A is already a heavily engaged home tech company, so it makes sense they bought a major holding in abode.

Who monitors abode if the alarm goes off?

abode security is centrally monitored and, depending on the alarm event, it calls on various services to complete monitoring tasks. This includes police, fire, security.

If you are on the free system then you monitor abode. For a professional monitoring account you just need to pay a small monthly or annual fee. The good news is the prices for this monitoring recently dropped so it’s never been more affordable!

Pretty impressive for a DIY home security system that also offers such great professional back-to-base monitoring.

How to install abode Security system

The abode system is a DIY system that requires very little manual effort. The starter kit, or any accessories, come preinstalled with double-sided tape on the back. A little careful placement to ensure the door and window magnets are connected correctly and voila – it’s really that easy.

The sign-up process is included in an easy quick start step by step on the card in the box when you buy it. It includes the unique sign up code you need.

How does abode home security work?

The abode Hub and iota are both enabled with ZWave Plus, Zigbee and a proprietary abode RF (Radiofrequency). These three types of communication allow the abode system to communicate effectively between its own devices (door, window, motion sensors etc) and other third-party devices including Philip Hue light bulbs, Yale and Schlage locks, August Pro, Aeotec Smart Switches and other devices.

A unique pairing to hardware is the connection from abode to LIFX smart bulbs. The LIFX bulbs are technically WiFi but the connection with abode it is done via a WAN connection. This allows abode to control the LIFX lights on the local WiFi.

The hub connects via Ethernet (& Wifi) to the internet but it also has a cellular SIM card backup if internet connection is lost. It also has a battery back up if there a power cut. These two features make it a great security choice.

Other abode accessories include water sensors, visual alarm sensors, keypads and remote units (for attaching your car keys etc)

Can abode be used with two properties?

Not currently. abode have indicated this might be possible in the future to have two properties linked into a single account for monitoring but this is not yet possible.

What we like abode

  • It has ZWave, Zigbee and Abode RF
  • It has battery back up
  • It has a cellular back up built-in
  • It works – ours has run great for over 3 years
  • It’s IFTTT compatible
  • It’s Alexa compatible
  • It’s google home compatible
  • It has a powerful home automation engine (called CUE automation)

We’ll add more abode FAQ as they come to hand. If you have a specific question about abode then ask in the comments below.

Always happy to help out.

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