WiFi 6 is Coming to the Next Sonos Wireless Speakers!

Sonos Wireless Speakers

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Recently, there have been many rumors about the forthcoming wireless speakers of Sonos. That includes the upcoming Optimo, S39, and S41. 

However, we did not get any confirmation from the audio giant regarding any rumors. Well, that did not stop the leakers from giving us hot insight into the much-awaited speaker.

Patents, leaks, and trademark filings of the speaker are still coming out. And the latest leak that we have is the integration for the WiFi 6. 

Sonos Wireless Speakers WiFi 6
Source: Sonos

Now, if Optimo integrates this wireless technology, it will be one of the audio brand’s first speakers with advanced connectivity. But how reliable is the leak?

According to Zatz Not Funny, Sonos has filed a new FCC filing, which offers a deep look at the much-rumored speakers of the brand. 

The S39, rumored to be a successor of One, and the S41, possibly a sequel to Five, will supposedly come with more connectivity options than ever.

Sonos Wireless Speakers WiFi 6
Source: Sonos

That includes the integration of Bluetooth LE, WiFi 6, and, most importantly, a wired line-in connection through the USB-C. 

And, if you have been following the launch of Sonos speakers, you already know that line-in connections are rare for the models.

Nonetheless, the main headline among all these connectivity options is the WiFi 6. Wondering why WiFi 6 is such a big deal? 

If Sonos does integrate this wireless technology into the upcoming speakers, the brand’s multiroom platform will see a massive upgrade.

Sonos Wireless Speakers WiFi 6
Source: Sonos

WiFi 6 will surely improve the stability of wireless streaming, which will be highly noticeable in a multi-speaker setup. 

And with that capability, the Sonos multi-room platform will definitely have the upper hand over the others.

On that note, WiFi 6 brings a lot of upgrades over the previous iteration. It has the capacity to offer higher data rates, which is a crucial thing for lossless audio transmission. 

The wireless tech also has a high capacity and offers improved performance in different environments. Both of them are great for wireless speakers.

Sonos Wireless Speakers WiFi 6
Source: Sonos

Furthermore, there is a massive improvement in the power consumption department. Compared to the previous iteration, WiFi 6 has better power efficiency. 

That means the upcoming wireless speakers of Sonos could get a better overall battery life than the previous models. In short, the WiFi 6 for wireless speakers is excellent news for us, the consumers.

That said, we are all waiting to hear more from Sonos. If the brand integrates advanced wireless tech in the upcoming devices, it will surely have a beefed-up wireless speaker portfolio. And that should make its competitors worry a little.

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