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Wilson Audio Alexia V: How Far did Wilson Stretch the Performance of Alexia?

Wilson Audio Alexia V

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Known for its continuous improvement in its loudspeaker range and R&D advancements, Wilson Audio has just announced the Alexia V after finishing the development of Alexx V. 

Basically, the Alexia Series 2 has just reached its fifth anniversary, and the engineering team of Wilson Audio has decided to see how far they can actually push the performance of Alexia. And it seems like Alexia has more to offer!

The enclosure of the Alexia V features a construction of different exotic and proprietary materials and that includes the latest versions of S-Material, X-Material, and V-Material. The engineering team has strategically nested the V-Material throughout its form for the eclosure. 

Wilson Audio Alexia V
Source: Wilson Audio

But those three are not the only exotic materials you will find in the Alexia V. There is aerospace grade aluminum, carbon fiber, gold connectors, and austenitic stainless steel throughout the signal path.

The Alexia V will also come with a Convergent Synergy Carbon tweeter, which was first introduced in the Alexx V. And this Convergent Synergy Carbon tweeter is entire of carbon fiber, which has gone through an in-house 3D printing process. 

To offer accurate sound reproduction, Wilson Audio has integrated a tweeter and a midrange that are well capable of providing precise sound.

Wilson Audio Alexia V
Source: Wilson Audio

When Wilson Audio announced the Alexia Series 2, the team utilized the same carbon composite/cellulose fiber midrange unit. You will find the same unit in the WAMM Master Chronosonic

Nonetheless, the midrange has served the Alexia series well over the years. But, for Alexia V, the team carried out intensive experiments and made several refinements to the system.

Moreover, the Alnico QuadraMag has been successfully integrated into the design. It was first developed for Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX. 

The team has selected it as the main midrange for the Alexia V. You will also find the bespoke binding posts on the Alexia V, And both the traditional spade connections and banana plugs can be used for these binding posts.

Wilson Audio Alexia V
Source: Wilson Audio

In addition to that, the new spades, which were exclusive to the Alexx V and Chronosonic XVX, have gone through proper optimization to couple precisely with the binding posts. 

And the all-new custom-built cables that connect everything inside the Alexia V will provide a well-balanced signal path.

Wilson Audio Alexia V
Source: Wilson Audio

When it comes to crossover, the team has utilized custom capacitors for the Alexia V. The team has wound and finished all the capacitors in the in-house capacitor manufacturer department of Wilson Audio. 

So, you can guess how reliable these capacitors will be. That said, the crossover had gone through modifications, which made it offer slightly improved impedance. The impedance measurement went from 2.54 ohms to 2.59 ohms at 84 Hz.

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