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We love connecting with tech enthusiasts and welcome tech contributors.

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Your articles and writing will be in front of tens of thousands of visitors each month!

We can pay you! If you want more than just fame and street cred, then we can pay you a basic rate per 1000 words. Articles must be approved by our Editors as premium content prior to any content being written. Paypal account required + Invoice.

Top Posts each month receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card

How do I write for Make Life Click?

email us at directly at with 2-3 post ideas that you think might be interesting.

You can also include any sample on writing you have already done.

Can’t wait to hear from you.

What you need to know

All post content must be 100% original writing. No plagiarism and it must pass Copyscape approval. You also cannot ‘borrow’ content from previous articles you have written elsewhere.

Your post should be related to tech gadgets, headphones, audio, HiFi, Smart Home or other life technology.

Best performing posts are typically Lists, How-to guides, Solutions to Problems, Information posts e.g how things work, what is xx etc.

This has to be your voice and your content. We don’t accept content that is not from a personal view and personal experiences. This means you cannot ‘rewrite’ other peoples experiences as your own.

We are kind of like a PG13 site. No overt swearing, nasty stuff or prohibited content.

These are not sponsored posts! You can’t write a post on something you have been paid or asked to write about from a commercial or promotional perspective. You’re writing to share, not to promote. We’ll know if you’re sneaking in stuff, it’s obvious.

You need to disclose any relationships in your posts to content quoted or included. e.g. any data quoted that you, your company or another company have provided.

The minimum expected post length is 1000 words. More is often better, especially if you want to be noticed and get more traffic to your post, but don’t hurt yourself writing. Often a long 3000+ word post is better as 3 smaller posts that link to each other.

Short paragraphs. Always. Ideally don’t stack more than three sentences in a paragraph. One sentence on its own is also fine.

Like this.

Links to external sources may be screened and removed before publishing. Only link to credible sources. If our Editors feel you are sneaking in self-promotional, sponsored or dodgy links they may be removed. Links may also receive a rel=’nofollow’ at our discretion.

Statistics need to be linked to, the original source and must be credible. Don’t throw random stats out without backup.

If you do not have an original image of your own we have a Stock Photo website we can source images from. Do not use free stock photo websites e.g. Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay or similar.

SEO matters – write catchy titles, include unique images with ALT information, use H2/H3, lists and check your spelling.

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