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It started with learning FTP in about 1999. After that I couldn’t stop, it was like an addiction.

I moved on to video editing with Final Cut Pro, then Dreamweaver, then Photoshop, then HTML, then CSS and then PHP & MySQL. It was like I couldn’t learn enough, fast enough.

I launched content sites, eCommerce sites. I sold on marketplaces including Amazon and eBay.

I built a full-time enterprise in affiliate marketing, then website development and online marketing. I mastered social media marketing, SEO, CRO and still the digital revolution rolled on. I spoke (speak) at industry conferences and global commerce events.

I sold everything online – digital cameras, printers, headphones, speakers, home theatre equipment, guitars and musical instruments, cosmetics and FMCG products.

I love to sell the things I love to buy.

I lived, worked and travelled across London, Sydney, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Tokyo,  USA & Vancouver, gaining insights into world markets as I went.

Then came home automation, smartwatches and smart assistants and finally I had reached what I believed would be the pinnacle of my technology dream.

After all these passions flowed together I realised I liked writing and reviewing these things as much as I enjoyed selling and marketing them. I also enjoyed offering advice to friends and family, and so Make Life Click was born.

It has grown and now we also have contributing writers.

That’s all there is to say about me really. My name is not really Cicero, but everything else is true.

Want to talk? Get in touch.

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