10 Free Mobile Apps Every Traveler Needs

Free Mobile Apps Every Traveler Needs

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Nowadays, we heavily rely on our smartphones, packed with mobile apps, for almost everything to make our day-to-day lives easier.

Before modern technology, traveling was probably a bit of a challenge. And as someone who started traveling 10 years ago, I was lucky enough to have so many online resources to help me plan my trips. 

I can’t begin to imagine how people traveled back in the day when there weren’t even travel websites and blogs to help them create their itineraries.

With the internet and smartphones, planning and managing trips are so convenient nowadays, and some applications have certainly made them a lot easier.

So I’ve come up with this list of mobile apps every traveler needs on their smartphone. If you’re going on a trip soon, you might find them quite useful. I know I have!

1. TripIt

TripIt - Free Mobile Apps Every Traveler Needs
10 Free Mobile Apps Every Traveler Needs 14

Before smartphones, I can imagine that people used actual planners to, well, plan their trips. With TripIt, you can organize your itineraries and travel documents by keeping them all in one place. 

You can toggle the settings so that every reservation that you make will be automatically sent to the app. This includes your flight itineraries, Airbnb and hotel booking information, train tickets, ferry tickets, and even attraction tickets.

You can also share your travel plans through the app if you’re traveling with other people. The same goes if someone is picking you up from the airport or train station.

This one is also a favorite of our Senior Editor, Mark. He also likes “App in the Air’ which integrates with TripIt because it gives you cool stats on your travel. He crashed my post to tell you this.

2. PackPoint

PackPoint App
10 Free Mobile Apps Every Traveler Needs 15

Packing for a trip can be stressful because you want to make sure that you have everything that you need. Even if you create a list, sometimes you’d only realize that you need a certain item when you’re already at your destination. 

PackPoint is the perfect solution for your packing woes.

This app shows you what to bring for your trip. It factors in the weather at your destination, the duration of your trip, and the activities that you plan to do. 

Once you add a trip, PackPoint creates a packing list for you based on the details that you’ve entered. You can also sync it with TripIt to automatically add your trips.

The list includes an assortment of clothes depending on the destination and weather, plus the quantity that you need to bring, and essential items such as chargers, boarding passes, toiletries, and hygiene kits.

Apart from the essentials, the list will also include other items that you may need such as ear plugs, an eye mask, an umbrella, reading glasses, sunglasses, and so much more. 

Mark (Senior Editor still) also crashed in to say he also likes Packing Pro, which he’s had for years. Similar app if you want an alternative. 🙂

3. FlightAware

FlightAware App
10 Free Mobile Apps Every Traveler Needs 16

This mobile app lets you track flights online and in real-time. Through the FlightAware app, you can see live maps of ongoing flights. 

You can also check if there are any cancellations, delays, and terminal or gate changes. 

FlightAware can be very helpful if you have a tight layover schedule or if you simply just want to track your flight. You can also use this app when you’re picking up family members or friends at the airport.

4. TripAdvisor

10 Free Mobile Apps Every Traveler Needs 17

When traveling, you want to get the best experience by going to places that’ll add value to your trip. This is why checking reviews while planning a trip is essential. 

TripAdvisor lets you read reviews of hotels, tourist attractions, and restaurants at your destination. It also has a forum where you can get answers to specific questions, for example, if you want to know if a certain tour agency is legit or not.

You can even use this app to get some ideas on what to do during your trip. 

Just enter the destination and the search results will give you a list of activities to do, tourist attractions to visit, and restaurants to try based on user reviews.

I’ve tried several restaurants primarily because they’re highly rated on TripAdvisor and these were some of the best restaurants I’ve eaten in.

5. GetYourGuide

GetYourGuide App
10 Free Mobile Apps Every Traveler Needs 18

GetYourGuide is an online marketplace that boasts thousands of experiences that you can book in over 100 regions. 

It’s one of the world’s biggest online booking platforms as it offers group and private tours, self-guided walking tours, audio guides, museums and historical sites, theme parks, fun activities, food tours, and so much more.

With GetYourGuide, you can also book your airport transfer, purchase a SIM card, or rent a pocket wifi device.

Simply enter your destination and travel dates, and the search results will show you different experiences that you can book. You can also filter the search results based on your interests.

6. LoungeBuddy

LoungeBuddy App
10 Free Mobile Apps Every Traveler Needs 19

If you have flights with long layovers, then you’d certainly find this mobile app helpful.

LoungeBuddy provides information on the different airport lounges available all over the world. 

This mobile app displays information on what each lounge offers, such as snacks, wifi access, and shower facilities, among many others.

It also shows you how to access the lounges. 

Some lounges are exclusive to first-class and business-class passengers of certain airlines. Meanwhile, some lounges are open to cardholders of selected credit card companies, and some are open to anyone as long as they pay an entry fee.

On the app, you just have to use the search function to look up the specific airport and it will automatically display the lounges available. 

7. Hotel Tonight

10 Free Mobile Apps Every Traveler Needs 20

When planning a trip, we often book our accommodations in advance. But no matter how thorough your planning is, disaster can happen at any time and you may end up having to find a place last minute. 

For example, your flight gets postponed and you need to extend your trip for one more night. Or your Airbnb host ends up canceling on you. Or your hotel may not look like what you expected. 

This happened to me a few years ago. I arrived in Cambodia only to find out that the hotel I booked, and with confirmation, is undergoing renovations and I had to find another place to stay. 

Owned by Airbnb, Hotel Tonight is a mobile app that lets you find a place to stay for the same evening. It’s the perfect solution if you need to book accommodations last minute. 

You can choose from a variety of hotel rooms from luxury places to the most basic ones – whatever works for you. 

You can even get a special rate through the Daily Drop feature that offers a personalized deal that’s only valid for the next 15 minutes.

8. Rome2rio

Rome2rio App
10 Free Mobile Apps Every Traveler Needs 21

Rome2rio is an online booking platform for different modes of transportation.

This mobile app gives you real-time transport and price information collected from over 5,000 transportation companies so you can choose the fastest, most convenient, or cheapest mode of transport – whichever you want to prioritize.

Through the platform, you can book flights, trains, bus rides, ferries, taxis, rental cars, and even ride-sharing.

Just enter your city of origin, destination, trip date, and return date, if applicable, and the search results will show you the different modes of transportation available, with their corresponding schedules and fares. 

9. Google Translate

Google Translate
10 Free Mobile Apps Every Traveler Needs 22

Compared to how it was in the past years, Google Translate has come a long way from just simply translating words and short sentences.

Now Google Translate offers so much more features. It can translate over 100 languages by typing, with 59 of these languages available offline, and it can translate using the camera.

While traveling, you can use this mobile app to translate different things that you see on the streets. It has a camera feature that you can point to anything, for example, a street sign, and the app automatically translates what’s written on the sign. 

It also translates bilingual conversations and offers several input options. You can type, speak, take a photo, or draw, and the app will translate for you.

You can also look at the review we did for the Timekettle M3 translation earbuds if you want something that fits in your ears.

10. Google Maps

Google Maps
10 Free Mobile Apps Every Traveler Needs 23

No list of mobile apps for travel would be complete without Google Maps. As an avid traveler, I heavily rely on Google Maps for a lot of things.

Many people use this app when driving from one place to another – for navigation, to check traffic conditions, and to determine how long the drive will be. 

But a lot of Google Maps users don’t know how helpful this app is even for commuters.

When using public transportation, the app tells you which train or bus to take and which station to get off, at to get from point A to point B. 

This was especially useful for me when I was traveling in big foreign cities, like Paris and Rome.

Through this app, you can check the earliest and latest train or bus trip. The app also gives you updated information on fares and if there are ongoing public strikes or logistics issues that may delay your trip.

Google Maps can also be used when planning your itinerary. If you’re traveling in a walkable city, you can use it to map out the places that you want to visit.

Apart from navigation, Google Maps is a reliable resource for when you want to know the opening and closing hours of tourist attractions and business establishments. 

Just enter the name of the place that you want to visit and you’d know if it’s open and what time it’ll close.

Final note from Mark again, Senior Editor. He loves Google Maps for travel and would never have made it around half the cities he’s been in, especially in Europe and Japan, without it!

If you’re planning to travel soon, you’ll definitely find these mobile apps helpful so that your trip will go as smoothly as possible. I know they’ve helped me a lot when I have planned and been on trips.

While a few hiccups can happen no matter how meticulous your planning is, these apps can remedy or help you avoid certain issues during your trip. 

A peace of mind is a gift. Right?

If you know of other useful apps for travelers, comment below and I’d love to give them a try!

Eva is a content writer and digital creator who's passionate about traveling, photography, and fitness. When she's not writing or traveling, she enjoys watching movies on Netflix and playing Sims 4 and Animal Crossing. She also dabbles in graphic design and video editing.

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