Planning for a beach holiday? 7 Must-have gadgets in the backpack

7 Must-have gadgets in the backpack on your beach holiday

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If you are going on a luxurious beach holiday, you will want to make sure that you pack wisely. With only a limited amount of space available, the right gadgets can make sure you have the best possible trip.

From a four-in-one speaker and charger to noise-canceling true wireless earbuds with up to 11 hrs battery life, we have seven of the best gadgets you should add to your backpack for your next holiday:

1. Ally Plus II

Cleer-Ally-Plus -II
Image: Cleer

If you are looking for true wireless earbuds, the Ally Plus II is a great product. Noise-cancelling true wireless earbuds enable you to relax and listen to your favourite songs while you catch some rays. 

You can expect 11 hours’ worth of battery life, and noise cancellation at 34dB, which is the best in the industry.


  • Qualcomm cVc 8th generation noise reduction technology
  • Enhanced call quality with dual-microphones
  • Strong wireless connectivity
  • Customize sound performance and noise cancellation


  • You will need to take a charger with you to keep your earbuds charged all holiday

2. Apollo II + Antimicrobial Series Thermal Capsule


Have you ever had a warning on your phone due to overheating? If so, the Apollo II + Antimicrobial Series Thermal Capsule is a product you certainly need. This will ensure you can take your smartphone to the beach with you without having to worry about any damage being caused. 


  • 8′ of drop protection
  • Protects your phone against extreme cold/heat
  • Extend the battery life of your smartphone


  • Limited design options available 
  • Not all phones fit inside

3. RIYA Bladeless Neck Fan

Image: RIYA

Things can get a bit too hot on the beach but this doesn’t mean you need to head inside or hunt for some shade. Instead, this RIYA Bladeless Neck Fan will keep you cool! It is fan-less, and noise-less, and will keep you comfortable no matter the temperature outside.


  • Only 9.5 ounces, meaning it is super light and lowers neck pressure
  • No fan blades supply air
  • 360° surround air supply
  • Built-in 5200mAh high-capacity battery


  • You could get some strange tan lines on your neck

4. SAFEGO Portable Indoor/Outdoor Lock Box Safe


We’ve become less trusty as people, meaning a lot of us don’t want to leave our valuables in our hotel room or leave our purses under our sunbed while we go into the sea. With SAFEGO, you don’t have to. This portable lock box will attach to your sunlounger, ensuring all of your valuables are safe while you go for a swim.


  • 90-day warranty policy included
  • Lightweight ABS plastic
  • Three-digit custom combination code + key access


  • Not designed to be used near water

5. NEMO Helio Pressure Shower

Image: NEMO

Is there anything worse than heading to the beach and having to wash yourself off in a dirty shower? This is something you do not need to worry about with the NEMO Helio Pressure Shower. Instead, you can wash yourself down with this portable shower, which can be refilled without needing a hose.


  • NEMO offers a lifetime warranty
  • Compact ventilated carrying case
  • Quickly and easily pressurize the 2.9 gals. tank with a foot pump


  • It will take up quite a bit of space in your luggage

6. Olympus Tough TG-6

Image: Olympus

If you are looking to take photos during your holiday, you will want a waterproof camera so you can take some great shots in the sea. The Olympus Tough TG-6 is certainly a recommended choice. It is waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof.


  • 4K movie and full HD 120 fps high-speed movies can be recorded
  • Five underwater shooting modes
  • Variable macro system comprised of four macro shooting modes
  • High-resolution F2.0 lens


  • The software could be improved

7. Solgaard Solarbank Boombox

Last but not least, we have the Solgaard Solarbank Boombox, which is a four-in-one solar-powered unit. You have a wireless charger, Bluetooth speaker, and power bank, meaning you can charge your devices and listen to music in the sun.


  • In-built power bank for wired and wireless charging
  • 96 hours of playtime 
  • Solar powered battery
  • Holds up to 8 stored charges


  • While the power unit is solar powered, we doubt you will want your devices to be in the blazing heat all-day

Gadgets you simply must have for your next holiday

So there you have it: some of the best gadgets for your next holiday. If you pack the gadgets we have mentioned above into your backpack, you can be sure you will have everything you need for the perfect beach trip. 

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