AIYIMA A08 PRO Is Currently 20% Off


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There are tons of power amplifiers in the market. But it would be hard to find some decent picks if you were looking for the best affordable power amplifier

Best Value

The AIYIMA A08 PRO has a simple yet powerful design. It comes with robust internals and has high-end connectivity modes.

Most will have lackings in terms of features, or they will just be average in terms of sound. Well, the AIYIMA A08 PRO is not one of them.

The A08 PRO comes with all the wireless techs you would want to stream music in HD and features high-end circuitry inside. 

Source: AIYIMA

And you can enjoy all of that for 20% less if you are quick enough to score this deal. Want to know more about the power amplifier?

First of all, the power amplifier features a small and compact form factor. Such a design makes the AIYIMA A08 PRO perfect for every setup. 

But do not let the size of the amp fool you; the unit’s internals are nothing but high-end. For example, you will find a TPRA3255 chipset inside. 

Source: AIYIMA

Thanks to that, each channel can output 300W at a 4-Ohm load. In other words, you can easily match it with passive speakers that are within the 3 to 8 ohms range. 

And it can also act as a low-frequency output on powered speakers and 2.1-channel systems. On that note, as an addition to the 2.1-channel systems, the AIYIMA A08 PRO can offer greatly enhanced bass effects. 

It will add a level of depth to the overall music, which will not fail to offer you an immersive music listening experience. Moreover, the circuit and wiring inside are all high in quality.

Source: AIYIMA

You will also find a high-quality phase mode inductance to make the sounds warm and detail-rich. 

The components of the sound profile can make the AIYIMA A08 PRO output bright sound with dynamic midrange and detailed high frequency.

In other words, the entire sound will be well-bodied, and you will be able to hear all the hidden details of your favourite tracks. 

Source: AIYIMA

There are bass and treble knobs on the exterior. You can get fine control over both of those factors with those knobs.

When it comes to connectivity, the AIYIMA A08 PRO boasts Bluetooth 5.1 audio wireless chip. It also adopts a Qualcomm QC5125 chip and has support for aptX, AAC, and SBC codecs. 

There’s even support for HD LDAC codec, which will make sure that you do not lose any details from the playback in wireless playback mode.

Finally, there are proper wired-connection methods too. You will find an RCA input on the back, allowing easy wired integration. And as the setup process is hassle-free, you will not need to go through any intricate steps when setting things up.

AIYIMA A08 PRO TPA3255 Power Amplifier Bluetooth 5.1 with VU Meter 300W+300W HiFi Class D Stereo Digital Audio Amp 2.0 Channel Amplifier for Passive Speaker Home Audio

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