Are Motion Sensor Trash Cans Worth It Or A Frivolous Waste?

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It seems that not even our trash cans are safe from the advancements of technology anymore. Gone are the days of opening your trash can manually as motion sensor trash cans take over kitchens across the world.

Why open a trash can with your hands when you can simply activate a motion sensor?

The big question remains, are motion sensor trash cans worth it, or are they nothing more than a waste of your hard-earned money?

Why Motion Sensor Trash Cans Are the Latest and Greatest in Kitchen Appliances

Imagine having the convenience of throwing away your trash without having to touch the nasty lid of your trash can! With a motion sensor trash can, you can avoid germs or leftover food lurking on the lid.

Though they might be more costly than a regular trash can, the benefits of this technology will put your mind instantly at ease that your home remains germ-free.

The Benefits of Motion Sensor Trash Cans

Assessing the worth of an appliance is only possible when you weigh the pros and cons. The following factors are just a few of the many pros of this new kitchen technology.


Trash cans are one of the biggest germ-infested surfaces in your kitchen. Try as you might, and no matter how many cleaning products you use, there is absolutely no way that you can keep your trash can completely germ-free, no matter how many times you empty and clean it.

Apart from food spills and odors, trash cans also attract various pests, opening your home to an infestation. A motion sensor trash can limits the physical interaction, leaving your trash can clean. A lock-tight lid also traps odors, minimizing the risk of bugs and other pests.

Ease of Use

There is very little worse than trying to open your trash can when your hands are full and possibly greasy. With a motion sensor trash can, a quick swipe of your full hands near the sensor opens the trash can lid and allows you to throw away your trash easily.

Cleaning a motion sensor trash can is easy thanks to an inner bucket that can be removed when full. For those with mobility issues, a motion sensor bin can help them regain some of their independence when cleaning up.


Are you one of those who like to match your kitchen appliances to suit a theme or color trend? Motion sensor trash cans are available in various sizes, colors, and finishes, allowing you to match your trash can to any theme or color.

Automatic Vs. Manual Use

Most motion sensor trash cans are battery-operated, but a few available on the market require being plugged into an electrical socket. The batteries on a motion sensor trash can are designed to be long-lasting, with most types lasting between six months to a year. Switching from automatic to manual functions is easy and will simplify cleaning your trash can.

The Downside of Motion Sensor Trash Cans

Even though there are so many pros to these marvelous inventions, it wouldn’t be fair to ignore the possible cons or disadvantages that might affect your decision. Here are a few disadvantages that have been noted with motion sensor trash cans:

  • The lid stays open for too long or needs to be closed manually.
  • The lid opens too slowly.
  • Motion sensor trash cans might be too loud depending on the mechanisms.
  • The sensor is too sensitive and opens when someone even passes by too closely.

These disadvantages are certainly worth considering but do not seem to be too much of an issue to stop people from buying them.

Clean trash bin in modern kitchen

Choosing a Trash Can

Before you choose a trash can, whether it be a regular or motion sensor trash can, there are a few things to consider. Here are the factors people typically look at when choosing the right trash can for their home use.

#1: Cost

For many, cost is one of the biggest factors to consider. When funds are limited, the last thing anyone is going to do is go out and buy a motion sensor trash can. But, for those with a bit more available in their budget, a motion sensor trash can might be added to the mix.

#2: Volume or Size

The size of a trash can mostly depends on the size of your kitchen and the number of people in your home. While a couple might do well with a smaller trash can, a large family will need a larger trash can. Prices vary according to size, so it is important to gauge your needs when choosing a trash can.

#3: Ease of Use

Sure, a motion sensor trash can might be easy to use, but it can be a bit of a hassle when it constantly opens due to people walking around in the kitchen. Factor in how often you will be emptying your trash can and how often you will need to clean it before choosing the best trash can.

Motion Sensor Trash Cans Vs. Regular Trash Cans

When it comes down to it, a motion sensor trash can will trump a regular trash can thanks to the ease of use, hygiene benefits, and of course, the benefit to those with mobility issues. If you can afford a motion sensor trash can, it is most definitely worth it and is a worthy investment that will make life easier for you and your family.


Motion sensor trash cans make a great addition to your kitchen. They are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and finishes; you can surely find the right motion sensor trash can to fit in with your other appliances or your decor.

Thanks to the motion sensors that activate the opening of the lid, touching a dirty, stinky bin is a thing of the past. Though they might cost more than a regular trash can, they are a worthy investment for those who can afford them.

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