Astell & Kern SE300 DAP and AURA IEMs Announced

Astell & Kern SE300 DAP and AURA IEMs

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Astell & Kern has showcased a broad range of new audio products at the High-End Munich Show 2023.

Among them, the SE300 DAP and AURA In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) are the main highlights. Both of them are making the brand get into unknown territory. Wondering how?

The SE300 comes with a highly innovative R-2R DAC, while the AURA IEMs are the first partnership with Vision Ears. 

Astell & Kern SE300 DAP and AURA IEMs
Source: Astell & Kern; SE300

No wonder why these two were getting so much attention in the High-End Munich show. But those are not the only highlighted features of the two brand-new products.

First of all, the Astell & Kern SE300 is the fourth addition to the brand’s A&futura lineup of Digital Audio Players (DAP). And in case you didn’t know, this lineup represents all the ceaseless effort for innovation that the team dedicates itself to.

In other words, the A&futura is the lineup that Astell & Kern uses to showcase new technologies that make their way into the brand’s portfolio. Want to know what’s new in the SE300?

Astell & Kern SE300 DAP and AURA IEMs
Source: Astell & Kern; SE300

Under the hood, you will find an ultra-refined R-2R DAC. Being a first of the brand, the chipset comes with Class A/AB dual amps that are developed with the proprietary TERATON ALPHA technology. 

It also features the in-house developed FPGA. With all these state-of-the-art components, the Astell & Kern SE300 has all that it takes to offer you a pure HiFi experience.

The SE300 also features a 2-step Gain Level mode. That allows the listeners to get a perfect match for a wide range of IEMs and headphones.

Astell & Kern SE300 DAP and AURA IEMs
Source: Astell & Kern; SE300

And with this mode, it’s easy to maintain an optimal sound output, which eventually results in a better music-listening experience.

To make the DAP look and feel more modern, Astell & Kern has developed its 4th Gen Graphic User Interface (UI). 

This newly developed UI focuses on the process and experience of the music. As a result, things within the audio player seem smooth and seamless.

Astell & Kern SE300 DAP and AURA IEMs
Source: Astell & Kern; SE300

Secondly, you have the Astell & Kern AURA IEMs. It utilizes a total of 11 drivers to deliver an overwhelming level of precision. 

Moreover, the combination of drivers is geared toward offering the perfect balance and response with the five-way crossover.

There’s a delicate shell and mesh structure within the Astell & Kern AURA IEMs. This structure is made of high-quality materials, and it makes sure that all the parts of the IEMs produce nothing but rich and natural sound.

Other than that, the IEMS comes with two dedicated 8mm dynamic drivers that handle all the mid-low and low-frequency ranges. They can deliver tighter, more precise, and, most importantly, low-distortion bass.

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