Audioscenic Amphi: Revolutionary 3D Audio Software for Windows

Audioscenic Amphi

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Audioscenic Amphi is the latest spatial audio software for Windows systems. With it, Windows users can finally enjoy 3D audio without needing a dedicated audio setup for it. 

That is this 3D audio software runs on various speaker solutions. The thing is, spatial audio has become very popular lately. 

A lot of audio-forward companies have been embracing it and offering it to their customers. But in most cases, you require a dedicated audio solution to get all that spatial audio offers.

Audioscenic Amphi
Source: Audioscenic

The Audioscenic Amphi stands as an example that there’s really no need for specialized audio setups. Instead, it proves you only need the right software to immerse yourself in 3D audio.

If you are unfamiliar, spatial audio is a form of digital surround sound. And when experiencing spatial sound, you feel like sounds are enveloping you from all directions. 

This eventually offers you an immersive feeling and makes you think you are in the center of the stage. 

Audioscenic Amphi
Source: Audioscenic

Getting back to Audioscenic Amphi, the UK company wants people to experience their innovative 3D audio technology without going through any hassles. 

The 3D audio software is available through a downloadable suite for Windows systems. That software package acts like a desktop application that will make your PC setup ready to deliver a redefined music experience. 

With the Audioscenic Amphi installed, you just need to test out different settings and select the one that works the best for you.

Audioscenic Amphi
Source: Audioscenic

There will be no need to acquire an extra piece of hardware, nor will you have to purchase spatial audio-certified headphones. 3D audio never got this accessible before! 

On that note, Audioscenic Amphi works with both headphones and speakers. Wondering what you can use the software for? 

Well, it’s not just for listening to music in a brand new way. Spatial audio is also perfect for watching movies and playing games.

Audioscenic Amphi
Source: Audioscenic

Besides immersing you in 3D audio, the Audioscenic Amphi offers head-tracking features. But yes, to deliver a head-tracking feature, the software requires camera access. Otherwise, the software can not monitor the position of your head in real time. 

Other than that, the software comes packed with many audio controls. That includes APO and EQ. These controls will let you get a more customized spatial audio experience.

At the current stage, Audioscenic Amphi is being demoed at Computex 2023. There’s no official information regarding when the software will be available for users to download. 

But hopefully, Audioscenic will quickly roll out the software and make 3D audio easily accessible to all the music lovers out there.

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