5 Best Party Speakers for Big Parties

Best Party Speakers for Big Parties

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It’s impossible to imagine a good party without good music and to ensure your favorite tracks sound their best, you’ll need a good party speaker.

When I was picking the best speakers for this list, I was following a few simple criteria – pure wattage power, compactness, sound clarity/quality, and price.

If you’re looking for the best of the best, let me introduce you to my favorite big-party speakers:

Best Party Speakers for Big Parties Reviewed

Best Overall: Monster Rockin’ Roller 270 Portable Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker

Big, loud, and beautiful, Monster’s Rockin’ Roller 270 is one of the strongest party speakers out there. With speakers set up front and on its sides, it unleashes a sonic avalanche of quality music wherever it’s placed.

Price Range: $$
Brand: Monster
Monster Rockin’ Roller 270 Portable Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speaker

The Download

The Rockin’ Roller 270 is the pinnacle of party speakers, offering superb wattage, clean sonic performance, a decent level of portability considering how huge it is, and enough battery juice to keep the party going for four days straight.

In my opinion, it’s the closest a speaker can get to “perfection”, as it’s sturdier, louder, and better-rounded than most similarly-priced models; speaking of which, you may be surprised to find Rockin’ Roller 270 is one of the cheapest items on my list.

Let me put it this way; imagine a speaker that could blast 200 watts across 270 degrees without suffering from distortion or feedback. Even if you needed more than “merely” 100 hours of battery life, Rockin’ Roller packs an integrated Qi charger, which enables you to bring it back to life after it runs out of fumes.

This is a large speaker that is surprisingly light for its size. Furthermore, it sports an inbuilt telescopic handle, as well as a pair of all-terrain wheels.

You don’t need a DJ operating the controls at all times, as Rockin’ Roller 270 features a convenient remote that enables you to access all of its features from a distance.

Furthermore, whether it’s an indoor or a beach party, I recommend Rockin’ Roller for all party maniacs, regardless of where you plan to have a good time. It’s made of very sturdy materials and rocks IPX4 splash-proof rating, so as long as you don’t throw it into the sea, it will remain functional.

The Specs

  • Dimensions:  13.2 x 10.8 x 18.6 in
  • Weight:  28.7 lb
  • Wattage:  200 Watts
  • Connectivity:  Bluetooth connectivity
  • Play time:  Works about 100 hours per charge
  • Charger:  Inbuilt Qi wireless charger
  • Water Resistance Rating:  IPX4 water resistance rating
  • Speacial Feature:  Telescopic handle & Rolling wheels
Overall Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

What’s in the Box:

  • Rockin’ Roller 270
  • 8-inch AC Power Cable
  • 6-inch AUX cable
  • User manual

Premium Option: Sony SRS-XP700 X-Series Wireless Portable Karaoke Party-Speaker

With superior sound quality, an abundance of advanced features, and enough bass to bring a brick house to rubble, the SRS-XP700 is a portable powerhouse engineered to cater to the needs of the most demanding partygoers.

Price Range: $$$
Brand: Sony
Sony SRS-XP700 X-Series Wireless Portable Karaoke Party-Speaker

The Download

Sony is not only the premier manufacturer of top-end speakers but it’s also the brand that invented, developed, and refined a variety of advanced digital sound technologies. If you know anything about Sony, I’m sure you’re not surprised to see one of their flagships so high up on my list.

The  SRS-XP700 is, hands-down, one of the best-sounding speakers you can have at a large party. It’s louder than Rockin’ Roller, its sound clarity is considerably higher, and the gorgeous LED features will save you a few bucks on strobes lights.

One of the main reasons why I love the SRS-XP700 so much is its earth-splitting bass. Not many speakers can sustain such deep frequencies without the sound breaking up, but this one can, and then some.

It’s a bit heavier than Rockin’ Roller, but it packs a built-in handle for easier transport. I wouldn’t dub it a portable party speaker since it weighs almost 40 pounds, but that’s just another proof that SRS-XP700 packs advanced electronic components and circuitry.

The only thing I didn’t like about Sony’s SRS-XP700 is that I couldn’t find out anything about its wattage. Aside from Sony’s blogs and customer center pages, I dug around audiophile forums, and not a single soul knows the exact specs. If I had to take an educated guess, its wattage is in the range between 250 and 300, though.

The Specs

  • Dimensions:  14.44 x 12.32 x 27.28 in
  • Weight:  37.3 lb
  • Audio:  Clear Audio+ technology
  • Connectivity:  Wireless connectivity
  • Play time:  Up to approximately 25 hours of bat life per charge
  • Water-resistant rating:  IPX4 water-resistant rating
  • Special Feature:  X-Balanced bass-augmented speaker | Omnidirectional party sound mode | LED illumination lighting
Overall Rating: 4 / 5 Stars

What’s in the Box:

  • Sony SRS-XP700 speaker

Best Portable: JBL Partybox Encore Essential

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” or a speaker by its size never rang as true as with JBL’s Partybox Encore. This tiny party speaker packs quite a punch and will surprise you with its sonic performance.

Price Range: $$
Brand: JBL
JBL Partybox Encore Essential

The Download

I’m not a huge fan of small speakers (or amps), especially when it comes to party speakers. However, JBL’s Partybox is more than just a petite speaker, sporting 100 watts of raw strength and beautiful lights to vibe along with.

In comparison to Sony’s SRS-XP700, Partybox is quite basic, meaning that it doesn’t feature as many “advanced” functions or technologies. You’ll get to enjoy great sound quality booming from a small box for up to six hours, and you won’t have to worry about accidental spills or rain since it boasts a water-resistant design.

The thing I liked the most about Partybox Encore Essential is its super-low weight. Coming in at 16.06 pounds and being roughly three times smaller than the previous two, this speaker is perfect for people that want to sing, dance, and enjoy themselves wherever and whenever they want.

The Specs

  • Dimensions:  11.54 x 10.87 x 12.87 in
  • Weight:  16.06 lb
  • Wattage:  100 watts
  • Connectivity:  Wireless connectivity
  • Battery Life:  6 hours of battery lifetime
  • Water-resistance Rating:  IPX4 water-resistance rating
  • App:  PartyBox companion app
  • Special Feature:  True Wireless Stereo tech (multi-speaker pairing) | Multi-source playback
Overall Rating: 4 / 5 Stars

What’s in the Box:

Best for Traveling Party-Goers: Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Waterproof, small, and remarkably easy to use, Harman Kardon’s Onyx Studio 6 is all about convenience.

Price Range: $$
Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Download

While Partybox is one of the best portable party speakers, HK’s Onyx Studio 6 is the ultimate traveling speaker, weighing only 8 pounds and being only 11 inches tall.

Furthermore, it rocks an inbuilt carry handle but more importantly, a set of inline controls that allow you to easily switch between connectivity modes, select another track, or change volume on the fly.

It’s not the loudest speaker ever made, but its 50 watts should be more than enough for a small-sized gathering of friends over a couple of beers.

The Specs

  • Dimensions:  11.45 x 5 x 11.18 in
  • Weight:  8 lb
  • Connectivity:  Wireless connectivity
  • Wattage:  50 watts
  • Waterproof rating:  IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Bass:  Augmented bass response
  • Special Feature:  Bluetooth streaming | Inline Bluetooth, track, and volume controls
Overall Rating: 4 / 5 Stars

What’s in the Box:

  • Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 Wireless Speaker
  • Power adaptor
  • QSG guide
  • Safety sheet

Best Value: Samsung MX-T40 Sound Tower

MX-T40 was made for audiophiles, but its sleek design and an array of customizable controls make it one of the best party speakers around.

Price Range: $$
Brand: Samsung
Samsung MX-T40 Sound Tower

The Download

I usually don’t like describing any product based on its specs, but in the case of Samsung’s MX-T40, the numbers say it all. It’s barely heavier than Onyx 6, cheaper than JBL Partybox, stronger than Rockin’ Roller wattage-wise, and cheaper than all four.

Since it’s a tower speaker, I don’t find it too surprising that it boasts a whopping 300 watts. Its sonic performance is an even bigger benefit since its sound remains clean even at the highest volume levels.

Portability-wise, it weighs almost 15 pounds but it doesn’t have an inbuilt handle or any wheels. Instead, it rocks stabilizer legs that will keep it from tipping over. One of its most exciting features is the bi-directional sound, as it packs two speakers located on its sides.

The Specs

  • Dimensions:  10.6 x 11.5 x 20.9 in
  • Weight:  14.9 lb
  • Connectivity:  Wireless connectivity
  • Wattage:  300 watts
  • Pairing:  Parallel-pairing compatible
  • Special Feature:  Bi-directional sonic performance | LED lighting
  • Accessories:  Two wall mounts
Overall Rating: 5 / 5 Stars

What’s in the Box:

  • Samsung MX-T40 Sound Tower
  • Remote controller & battery


The best party speaker for big parties is the one that even the back rows will hear; it’s a speaker that provides consistent sonic performance at all volume levels.

I don’t mind if a speaker is heavy, but it’s always a plus if it has at least one portability feature (wheels, handle, etc.).

In my opinion, the best speaker on the list is Monster’s Rockin’ Roller 270, as it checks all the boxes regarding the criteria I just mentioned.

The second-best option would be Samsung’s MX-T40, one of the most underpriced party speakers on the current market.

Check out the remaining three if you’re searching for travel, portable, or super-loud party speakers.

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